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  1. murrkywaters

    Properties of alternative growth media

    ***notice: if a thread on this exists and I somehow overlooked it, feel free to delete this and point me in the right direction*** I've seen the issue of sphagnum and peat sustainability pop up quite frequently, but I haven't seen a centralized list of alternatives and pros/cons of their use...
  2. murrkywaters

    Hot Take: bramble edition

    I've seen a catagory on this forum that has devil's claw listed as a quasi carnivorous plant, so why not include other plants that are known to snare animals? I've seen multiple reports that thick patches of raspberries and other similar plants will trap larger animals like sheep resulting in...
  3. murrkywaters

    Keeping kittens from snacking on plants

    I have three lovely little rescues that I share a house with, unfortunately they enjoy my indoor gardening for all the wrong reasons. I've found that RO water and ghost pepper powder make a nice wash that keeps the snacking to a minimum. I'm wondering what other methods any fellow cat owners...
  4. murrkywaters

    Looking For (To Buy) In search of pings

    Preferably those that thrive in wetter environments. I don't have a preference for what form it comes in, seeds are fine. I'm plenty patient. Sent from my SM-G892U using Tapatalk
  5. murrkywaters

    Pruned sar. pitchers

    I'm working on an indoor mini bog environment as I cannot/will not grow outdoors where I live. I have been wondering if I should mix in the pitchers I pruned with the growth medium. In the wild I doubt there are two-legs going around, pruning old pitchers, and pocketing them to dispose of later...
  6. murrkywaters

    Quarantine grower!

    Hey all! It's nice to see other carnivorous plant enthusiasts around. I'm a musician living in Vegas, but I grew up helping my folks garden in northern Illinois. I started "caring" for carnivorous plants about a year ago (mistakes were made), but seeing as I'm not gigging anymore I'd like to get...