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  1. J

    Jonathan's Grow List

    DROSERA: D.intermedia (Carolina Giant)-Plants D.intermedia (AF) (Seedlings) D.capillaris (5) - Plants D.filfiformis filiformis (Seedlings) DIONAEA MUSCIPULA: D.muscipula (Green Swamp Clone)-Plant SARRECENIA: S.flava var.artopropurea (Waccamaw) - Plant S.flava var.ornata - Plant S.minor -Plant...
  2. J

    Looking For (To Buy) Sarracenia and Pinguicula seeds

    Sarracenia Seed Wants: Sarracenia flava var. artropurpurea "All Red Tube" with location data of North Carolina Sarracenia flava var. maxima from North Carolina with location data of North Carolina Sarracenia (Hybrid)Seed Wants: S.xcatesbaei with location data of North Carolina S.xchelsonii with...
  3. J

    Hello from Canada

    Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce myself. I just turned 33 yesterday and have had a fair bit of experience with CP's. I live in BC Canada and have a wife and one son who I am hoping to get into the hobby. My passion is natural CP's. Not man made plants although I do like natural wild...