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    Terrarium heating ideas?

    Hi everybody! I have a new terrarium that I created for Nepenthes hybrids and Sundews. I started with a few Sundews, N. spectabilis x mira, a Sun Pitcher hybrid, and some sphagnum moss. Everything was growing great, then I got a new N. glabrata x hamata for Christmas and it has put out almost no...
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    Ilikesundews grow list

    I have mostly beginner plants. Hopefully I can update it often! Sarracenia: Purpurea ssp. purpurea Purpurea ssp. venosa Flava var. rugelli Psittacina Rosea "Judith Hindle" ?"Yellow Jacket"? Drosera: Intermedia (temperate) Filiformis ssp. filiformis Spatulata Capensis (typical) Dionaea...