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    Tissue culture

    For Christmas I recieved a Tissue Culture Kit and some free seeds. I was wandering if the medium for seeds is any diiferent from the cell samples. Is the plant medium listed for carnivorous plants in the manual good. And finally has any one else done this? Thanks.
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    Tap water quality

    I have a read out from my water company and i want to know how to tell if my water is good enough to grow all cps, none, or just Nepenthes. Thanks for th help.
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    Treated wood

    I am planning on making a door frame for a room that holds my plants using treated wood. Will the chemicals in treated wood harm my plants. My plants will not be in contact with the wood in any way or there water and soil material. Thnx.
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    N. Northiana

    I recently purchased N. Northiana (5 minutes ago) and I was wandering what the best soil mix is for this species or the soil mixes that have worked for you and any other helpful tips in its cultivation.
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    Ultrahighland Terrarium

    I am planning on making my 75 gallon tank into an Ultrahighland terrarium in a matter of days and was wandering in the wild when do Ultrahighland Nepenthes recieve the most humidity so I can set my ultrasonic humidifier on a timer. I know they need high humidity all the time, but I read some...
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    Looking for Books.

    I am looking for Nepenthes of Borneo and the new one by Charles Clarke (cant think of it at this particular moment). Does anyone know where I can find both or one of them? Thnx.
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    I read an article at CPzine  about how to make a CO2 machine here. http://www.cpzine.com/article.aspxcid=14&y=2001&m=10&d=29 I was wandering does it really help that much? Would it be worth having to grow N. rajah? Or any other Nepenthes for that matter. Oh yeah and Jeff I enjoyed your article...
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    Ultrahighland Species

    I was wandering what different species of nepenthes I could grow in ultrahighland conditions? I know a few, but I want more than a few to occupy my 75 gallon terrarium. Any help will be most useful. Thanks.
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    Ultrahighland Terrarium

    My 75 gallon terrarium has grown over crowded and I have recently obtained the space to move them to a different location. As for my 75 gallon tank I want to turn it into an ultrahighland terrarium. I want to know what the best way to accomplish this is. The temps with the four flourescent...