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    growth freeze

    hi. it appears that my inermis suddenly decided not to grow anymore. when i got i about a year ago it grew fine and even much faster than the others. but in the past months it refuses to show new growth and its lower leaves are turning yellow though not dieing. its quit strange because all my...
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    same plants..new pics

    Amazing plants! Where did you find that beautiful lowii x ventricosa?
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    Sorry to bring back this old thread, but I am still looking... is there any place that offers it at all?
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    Adaptable highlanders?

    i have to ask... where did you get N. lowii x ventricosa red?
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    Some new pictures

    I also tried to find pictures of intermediate or upper pitcher , but didnt find... guess because its still new in cultivation. great plants btw.really like the hookeriana
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    Ephippiata hybrids

    Why always compare? do you do that with other neps? yes, they are similar, but each one has its own unique qualities
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    Ephippiata hybrids

    Why aren’t there any Ephippiata hybrids? I have never seen one anywhere
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    N. x predator

    N.lowii x ventricosa (wish I had it!), both of its parents are highlanders so I dont think it could survive for very long in lowland environment. The crosses with truncata and veitchii )which are probably their lowland forms) make the plant an intermediate so these plants could survive for some...
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    Looking for n. lowii x ventricosa

    Hi If anyone has a cutting of Lowii x ventricosa ,or anything and is willing to send it to Israel , just know that I am looking. Thanks, Andrei
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    Hi thank you! I checked and if bringing a small number of plants, that is, a small parcel the usual CITES and phytosanitary certificate, that Tony mentioned, are enough
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    so if anyone has the plant and it is for sale, just know I am interested
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    o.k, thank you and the search goes on...
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    as long as there are phytosanitary certificates there is absolutely no problem truthfully I dont know if they even check if there any certificates and there is no quarantine as far as I know. the strange thing is that I see the plant on peoples grow lists and I ask myself from where did they get...
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    Treesmilltropicals is amazing with a great selection unfortunately they dont ship to where I live
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    Hello I have been looking for a really long time for the hybrid nepenthes lowii x ventricosa and I found nothing does anyone know of a place that sells it and ships worldwide?
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    Seeking a nursery

    Do you know of an orchid nursery that ships worldwide? thanx..
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    How long?

    So I understand there is no something strict that makes a nep’ an ultra highlander? And the altitude has no effect because there are some types that need the temp drop more then others such as rajah in comparison to villosa?
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    How long?

    In the altitude aspect what is a ultra highland species? like 2000m and higher?
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    How long?

    Just about how long can highlander nep's live without the night temp' drop? And another question: what exactly is considered a ultra highlander?
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    N. jacquelineae

    beautifull deep red ciloring of this rare specie.