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    Longer lived Sundew

    Well, I've been doing (in a small way) CPs for four or five years now and having relatively good success, except my drosera choices have all been fairly short lived, say a year or maybe two. I'd like to seek recommendations for one that would get bigger and better each year with windowsill...
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    Grass or sedge in CP container

    I started a small (oh 3 foot by 1 foot or so) container of sarracenia, drosera, and VFTs about 15 months ago, everything doing pretty good with full time outside...however... Oh my, the little green grassy things are pretty much all over. I assume the best thing I can do it try to pull them out...
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    Drosera spatulata, Division?

    I got this plant last year from **, I believe it was a small clump then, with maybe 5 heads. Now, it probably has 30 or more, it seems to be hundreds when I look at it ;) Now, if it were yours would you divide it up or just pot it up into something a bit bigger? I don't necessarily need 30...
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    Full VFT

    I moved my plant outside 4 days ago, and now all but three of the traps have insects captured. I'm not sure if one or two are caterpillars/cutworms or slugs (they look long..but I guess that could be moths too), there's also like spiders, and a daddy long legs I think. The plant should be...
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    New to tropical CPs

    Well for whatever reason, CPs have been on my mind for two days. With some ?benign? encouragement on the welcome forum, I placed an order while ago, for a VFT 'King Henry', drosera spatulata, and ping x marciano. While I was aware pings existed before this, I had never paid them much attention...
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    NW Arkansas Semi-newbie

    Like everyone else, I have tried (unsuccessfully) VFTs when I was a kid. I don't believe I've ever tried one since I got serious (adulthood). I have done sundews successfully, but then everyone calls them weeds, right? I've a degree in Horticulture and (more importantly) have been gardening...