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    Im MrsBugWeed

    Hi everybody, here I am on Bug's membership account, as he will no longer be able to use his computer..... let just say it had a major meltdown and well "he doesnt want to talk about it :0o: .... so sad. So until i get an email with a code so i can chat with u in his stead, i thought i would at...
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    Dang cats!

    Ahh! Life is grand! Except for feral cats. They have invaded the neighborhood, and love to drink the water out of the sarracenia tubs. I caught one at it just this morning. Knocked over a VFT pot in its water tray while trying to get away from a shouting MADMAN!! The madman looked a lot like...
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    Proper spelling of Sarracenia Pitcher plant names.

    Finding the correct way for spelling the scientific names of sarracenia is easy. You have Bob Z's sarracenia photos to help out, as well as the many resources through the ICPS. Just the same, I am going to list them for you (species only) to help out. S. alata-----variations heavily veined...
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    VERY ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!

    S. oreophila seed for sale on E Bay. Highly illegal!!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/Carnivorous-Sarracenia-oreophila-pitcher-plant-100-seed_W0QQitemZ120093357928QQihZ002QQcategoryZ75643QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Alberta, Canada is where these are from, and it is totally against Cites 1 restrictions. Who...
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    Year round Sarracenia growing---from seed!!!

    Gather around anyone who wants to listen!!!! My "secrets" to getting large mature plants in less than 4 years. Growing Sarracenia seed from some on this forum, think it is hard. Maybe if you are going through the dormancy way of growing, but here's a SUPRISE!!!!! Sarracenia are really easy to...
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    HERE THEY COME!!!!!!!!!!!

    First flowers for the season are making their way upward! SOO EARLY!! I love California for that fact alone, the extra long growing season. Anyone else, yet?
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    Vraev's an Old Man!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Vraev!!! I see you are beating on death's door because of your advanced years!!!! Good luck with that! Hope you get MANY CP for your birthday, but I suspect it will be socks and undies!!!!!!!!:0o:
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    I am heartbroken!!!!

    I don't think I can take it anymore. I am SOOOOOOO in the dumps. Let me tell you about it: Well, It was last evening. An old friend had called, and had to ask, "Whatya been up to??" Haven't seen this guy in years! So, I told him all about CP, growing, the plants, etc. This guy sez, "You...
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    Sarracenia oreophila. Strange Fellow!!!!!!!

    Over the years a few observations on S. oreophila, a plant that behaves like few other pitcher plants. Mostly I just want to talk about the coloration aspect of the plant. Lets start with a few examples: 1.) A plant given to me by Joe Mazrimas, co-founder of the ICPS and CPN, was termed all...
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    Bugweed's Still Teeny Growlist

    Sarracenia List: S. alata: S. alata Anthocyanin free Citronelle Bog, Mobile Co., Ala. S. alata Typical Form Citronelle Bog, Mobile Co., Ala. S. alata Veined Hood, Upper tube Citronelle Bog, Mobile Co., Ala. S...
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    HONEY!!!!! I'm Home!!!!

    Chillun, I am back. I owe many plants, and will pay up this spring. Hang tight! The weedster returns!!!!!! I have missed you all!
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    HA!!! Thought you could slip in under the radar, HUH!!! WELL , NOOOOO! I moderate, therefore, you are trapped!!! Yer gettin' old, and I want everyone to know it!!! So Happy Birthday, old guy!!! Muahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Presto! HEY PRESTO!!!!!!

    Presto, how you gonna get around if you are gonna grow old on us????????? STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Grow plants, and forget the rest, and you will never age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRESTO!!!!!
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    Drosera intermedia "Carolina Giant" Winner philcula

    My d. intermedia are 3" and 4" high. They are MONSTER d. intermedia. One half dozen plants are on the block. Cold hardy, and very large plants. You will love these. They love really waterlogged conditions. USA only. Winner pays shipping. Bid opens at $5.00.
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    D. filiformis ssp. tracyi Anthocyanin free Winner PlantAKiss

    Two seed caps of the d. filiformis ssp. tracyi antho free available at an opening bid of 1 whole dollah!!!! Absolutely no color of any kind (not even the usual pinkish glands) in this plant. The usual purple flower is snow white, and kind of odd to see after raising the purple ones for so many...
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    D. filiformis ssp. filiformis "Florida Giant"

    Well here we are! The giant of the d. filiformis ssp. filiformis clan. Very nice plant, taller than typical filiformis. (Tracyi is in a class by itself!) Purple flowers, self fertilizing. Red glands. Quite a beautiful sight with the sun behind it in the evening. Catched insects like any other...
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    Got binata?? Not likely this one!!!!! Winner dartfrogs

    Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and see the worlds most unappreciated D. binata dichotoma!! A gift from Judith Finn from UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens, and very rare in collections. This form was collected long ago in Australia and placed into cultivation in the Berkeley Greenhouse. Unlike...
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    S. minor var. okeefenokeensis "Typical" Winner mfh

    Even though I already had a red okee giant, Barry was of the mind a couple typicals would be nice. I agree with him! Copper capped, green tube, this is a nice plant that grows VERY large. The tallest of the s. minors as far as anyone knows so far. Love this one too! Needs a good home from a...
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    S. minor var. okeefenokeensis "Red Head"

    A favorite and a half! A very nice Okeefenokee Giant from Ware County, Georgia! Pics in the pitcher plant forum in the Bugweed thread (pinned topics). Hood completely red, and even the white "windows" turn deep red as well. Can get quite large! Bidding starts at $15.00 USA only. Winner pays the...
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    Hummer's Hurricane Creek White Winner Tony Paroubek

    Got one small cutting of Hummers amazing quick grower! Flowered this year with 3 seedcaps. Plant is what's on the block! Opening bid starts @ $15.00. USA only. Winner pays all shipping.