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    Sustainable LFS Harvesting

    I just read Barry Rices section in his book about Sphagnum and he warns about poor harvesting methods being pretty common. After reading this, i went to check my bag of Mosser Lee LFS and found it claims that its harvested using sustainable techniques. Can anyone can verify this claim or point...
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    A newbs first Drosera

    Can someone help a newb pick out their first Drosera for a fish tank thats outside in central texas that gets 3-4 hours of direct sunlight and the rest of the day is filtered light under a tree... 60-90% humidity, we really only have 2 seasons...long summers as hot as 112(high 90s typically) and...
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    Dormancy questions

    I live in central Texas where winters give temps ranging from 20s on the colder days and the 40s and 50s on average. Last night it got near freezing and today it will get near 70. I'm overwintering my plants outside and providing protection on the coldest nights. Since they get good air...