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  1. madrone

    Pinguicula in Japan

    Sorry I don't have any expertise to share, but hope that someone here can address your questions. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing these 'pings in the wild' shots - very nice!
  2. madrone

    For Trade Ping Divisions

    Do you have a list of your extra offerings?
  3. madrone

    It's about time bluemax posted some photos!

    Oh my gosh your reticulata - shut the front door!!! I've had a kondoi for a few years now and I have not been able to find its happy place. Certainly no blooms, but the growth is nothing like your specimen! Is this on your garage windowsill?
  4. madrone


    I have just gotten kingianum blooms this year (after a few years of trying). Although a kingianum-newbie ... my plant gets chill-down for as long as I can risk it outside (into October this year), and then it is on a southern windowsill (like, pressed on the window), so that it gets as much...
  5. madrone

    New TerraForums software! Report issues and all that here.

    @adnedarn - I confirmed that 'Leave' conversation will delete that convo from your messages list. When you are in a message, and select the 'leave' option, you'll get a pop-up box like so: I left the selection as 'Accept future messages' and hit 'Leave' - and I no longer have that...
  6. 1613939041250.png


  7. madrone

    New TerraForums software! Report issues and all that here.

    I may not be caffeinated enough, but I don't see a way to delete private messages. After selecting a message/conversation, and clicking the 'selected' menu, an additional action menu appears at the bottom of the screen, but 'delete selected' doesn't seem to be an option?
  8. madrone

    New TerraForums software! Report issues and all that here.

    Very cool Andrew! So far so good - and looking nice! I'll poke around a bit more - the 'conversation' feel of the messaging is interesting and makes me realize I should do a bit of 'messaging maintenance'. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish I had some graphics skills to contribute.
  9. madrone

    P. esseriana in full bloom

    Really neat to see your plant's progress over the past couple years. My esseriana's are not so prolific, and it has been a while since I've seen a bloom. Hmmm ... might have to change up the conditions for the one I'm growing.
  10. madrone

    Give Away For Active Members 2021 S. oreophila Gift/Giveaway

    I need to check this sub more often! Stunning plants joossa! Congrats to the new oreo growers!
  11. madrone

    It's about time bluemax posted some photos!

    Lovely glimpse into your collection! The coloration (and size) on your 'Max' is really striking!
  12. madrone

    Give Away Pygmy D. roseana gemmae

    Sorry to see you go jerrysmith! Nikki630 and plantsnfish - you will soon be gemmae owners. Send me a pm with your address, and let's discuss the best time to get you some gemmae!
  13. madrone

    Give Away Pygmy D. roseana gemmae

    I have once again been reminded of the generosity of this forum (specifically) and plant-folk (in general). And, simultaneously realized, I have some pygmy Drosera roseana spitting gemmae like nobody's business. I'd love to send two gemmae packets to new homes. This giveaway is open to...
  14. madrone

    Flowering Ping

    What?! It's totally being silly - or some labels got swapped - I know you got a couple from me in the auction. Send me a pic, and we'll see.
  15. madrone

    Flowering Ping

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun with your new hybrids! I'm partial to the P. moranensis 'Huahuapan' x emarginata Clones C & B. Also - nice blush on the rotundiflora x hemiepiphytica. I'm looking forward to my first rotundiflora flower on my own plant - and that flower bud is taking it's...
  16. madrone

    Pinguicula gigantea pic

    Beautiful! It's always nice to see a gigantea living up to its name.
  17. madrone

    PAID (Acro $32) Yokohama Kate - terrestrial orchid

    Um ... that was actually me. Package has been posted. (note to self: login before replying)
  18. madrone

    Give Away Free: Drosera X 'Hercules' for Auction Donors and Bidders

    PAID (madrone $27)S. Tapestry X Adrian Slack
  19. madrone

    PAID (madrone $27)S. Tapestry X Adrian Slack

    Received a GORGEOUS S. Tapestry X Adrian Slack! Thank you!