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  1. mmlr38

    Some really bad news

    This is absolutely horrible news, but I wanted to share it with members here in case any of you knew him. I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere or if this isn't the place to post it (moderators please move/remove it if so). Last night I received an email from someone asking if...
  2. mmlr38

    BZ40 aka FTS Tall Giant (tentative name)

    Tentatively named FTS Tall Giant, this is a monster of a flytrap with large traps, long teeth (cilia) and extremely long leaves. Very dangerous looking! This is originally a seedling from Bob Ziemer's seed harvest that I got in 2009 and put in tissue culture, hence the BZ40 (it was the 40th...
  3. mmlr38

    FTS Yellow August 2011

    Got such nice feedback from the Deep Red Guerrilla and Purple Ambush thread, I figured I'd share some photos I recently took (by request) of the FTS Yellow flytrap. FTS Yellow is a plant I started from seed in vitro in 2008. It's tentatively named "FTS Yellow" for obvious reasons ;) Enjoy!
  4. mmlr38

    FTS Deep Red Guerrilla and Purple Ambush Flytraps

    These are two plants started from seed that I've had my eye on all year. I finally decided to uproot and repot them into deeper pots of their own and set them in the tray I have designated as evaluation plants. These photos were taken immediately after repotting, so the plants don't look their...
  5. mmlr38

    BACPS meeting Saturday the 23rd at California Carnivores

    Anyone going?
  6. mmlr38

    Dionaea muscipula 'Coquillage'

    I finally got around to taking some photos of my 'Coquillage' Venus fly trap and I created a page on FlytrapCare for the official cultivar: Dionaea 'Coquillage' Venus fly trap Like the Alien flytrap I recently posted photos of, this is my first growing season with Coquillage and I'm really...
  7. mmlr38

    Dionaea muscipula 'Alien'

    I finally got around to taking some photos of my 'Alien' Venus fly trap and I created a page on FlytrapCare for the official cultivar: Dionaea 'Alien' Venus fly trap This is my first growing season with it and I'm really liking this plant. The traps are much larger than I thought they'd be...
  8. mmlr38

    Dionaea 'Alien', D. 'Coquillage', D. 'Mirror', D. 'Microdent', FTS Freak & FTS Yellow

    Dionaea 'Alien', D. 'Coquillage', D. 'Mirror', D. 'Microdent', FTS Freak & FTS Yellow A few shots of some rare clones and some FTS clones that I hope to get in tissue culture this year. First we have Dionaea 'Coquillage' (two baby plants): Dionaea 'Mirror': Closeup on the little side...
  9. mmlr38

    Dionaea 'Korean Melody Shark'

    For those of you who haven't seen photos of this newly registered cultivar, below are a few I took recently. This is a very odd looking flytrap and not like any other clone I've ever seen. The petioles are long and thin like spaghetti noodles and the traps are poorly formed, almost like...
  10. mmlr38

    A few colorful flytraps in October 2010

    I received a couple of requests for some photos of colorful flytraps. Not wanting to disappoint (;)) I went out and snapped some photos today. I hope you enjoy them! 'B52' "BCP Z11" "A2" - Mother plant of B52 "Robust Typical" - Plant from Bob Hanrahan 'Jaws' - Pots full of babies...
  11. mmlr38

    Dionaea muscipula 'Trichterfalle' - an odd flytrap clone

    I'm really liking this plant. I've only been growing it since September 2009 and when I received it from Bob Ziemer, it was very small. But it grew quite a bit over the winter and has done very well this growing season. Here are a few photos for those of you that haven't seen it or for those...
  12. mmlr38

    Photos of a few plants late August 2010 - Part 2

    B52 BCP Z11 'Big Mouth' My mother pot: "Clayton's Volcanic Red" and "Short Teeth" "Cudo" 'Cupped Trap' "FTS Big Traps" 'Fused Tooth' 'Green Dragon' This photo doesn't do it justice. I need to take some better ones. 'Green Dragon' is one of the most impressive red clones I grow. "Low...
  13. mmlr38

    Photos of a few plants late August 2010

    Bristletooth And the weird trigger hairs: Czech Giant A pink toothed clone. Fuzzy Tooth For those of you that like 'Fused Tooth', you should really like "Fuzzy Tooth"! Holland Red Holland Red and Green Dragon are battling for my favorite red clone. They're both very vigorous, produce...
  14. mmlr38

    Three red sawtooth plants

    I thought I'd try to take some good photos of the three red sawtooth flytraps I have growing in my collection. I have to admit that the differences between the three are quite minute. If you were to put all three of them next to each other without labels and ask me to tell you which one I...
  15. mmlr38

    Heliamphora minor X heterodoxa ready to multiply!

    Along with dividing my Heliamphora nutans today, I also did my Heliamphora minor X heterodoxa that I got back in late December. It has grown well, but it's not as colorful nor has it developed the nice nectar spoons that it had when I got it...
  16. mmlr38

    Heliamphora nutans divided it stands!

    I got my Heliamphora nutans in November 2009. Here's what it looked like shortly after I got it: I fertilized it recklessly every two weeks since December 2009 or so. It has grown amazingly well. I decided to finally uproot it today, divide it and repot it. Here are some photos of the job...
  17. mmlr38

    Dionaea 'Microdent' and "Dracula"

    I got a couple of very small divisions of 'Microdent' and "Dracula" in a trade recently. I thought that the "Dracula" might die because it was so small and stressed. It took forever to start growing and almost all of the growth that it came with is dead now, but it's putting out new growth now...
  18. mmlr38

    Earwigs giving my plants problems!

    I have a ton of earwigs that have decided to take up residence in the corrugated polycarbonate panels of my newest greenhouse. I sometimes catch them and feed them to my plants, but they often find their way into the traps themselves. However, I've noticed that they're able to chew their way...
  19. mmlr38

    Damsel in distress!

    Uh, not really :-O I chased this guy (or girl) around the greenhouse for the better part of an hour the other day trying to get photos of it on a flower. These are the best two photos I got out of the dozens I took.
  20. mmlr38

    It's genetic!

    This is an update to this thread: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120805 Basically the story is that I got a bunch of seed from Bob Ziemer last fall when I paid him a visit. I put it all into cultures and nearly all of it germinated. Some of the cultures got contaminated and...