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  1. petmantis

    Happy Birthday Lil Stinkpot!

    Have a good one Katie!
  2. petmantis

    Darlingtonia growing in my bog

    Beautiful Cobras, and great bog setup for that matter! Do you record the day and night temperatures that these plants experience?
  3. petmantis

    Give 'em the finger! A tip for photographing tiny things.

    What a great guide! I too have found out that a finger helps the camera focus. I always have trouble removing my finger without the focus becoming blurred. Thanks KT!
  4. petmantis

    N. lowii x truncata! Finally!

    That's massive. The speckling on the inside of the pitcher is also pretty impressive. I only wish the 4S had better battery life... using the camera seems to drain it pretty quickly.
  5. petmantis

    Science/Taxonomy discussion section...

    I second that. It could turn out to be popular, Exo. You never know.
  6. petmantis


    Thanks! :-O A bud on the second spike is opening up, should be fully open in a couple days. Until then, here's something if found in my backyard; amongst some lily-of-the-valley.
  7. petmantis


    They takes the precious!
  8. petmantis


    Psychopsis papilio, first flower in my care. Also, first non-Walmart-Phal to ever bloom for me :o Also has a second spike growing! (read: more of a chance to accidentally snap it.)
  9. petmantis

    Trip to the trunc tank

    Which one of those is the "seedling"? All I see are gorgeous, maturing N. truncata. Wonderful plants, thanks for sharing Dvg!
  10. petmantis

    Some Sarr pics

    Your Sarrs... :drool: Do you grow that Ceph outdoors too?!
  11. petmantis

    Help with waterfall design

    Nice concept, but I would avoid growing flytraps (and Sarracenia, if that's what you mean by pitcher plants) long-term in a terrarium. Unless, of course, you have really great lights, in which case you could get away with it; maybe even with great results! I can't offer ideas on how to prevent...
  12. petmantis

    My Little Seedlings.

    Great job! Be careful when it comes time to separate them.
  13. petmantis


    Time to move back to Europe. What an incredible selection of plants! Great site too.
  14. petmantis

    Happy Birthday MASS

    Have a good one, Travis!
  15. petmantis

    my Nepenthes 2012

    That TM is absolutely stunning. Wow.
  16. petmantis


    Wow. These are all jaw-droppingly stunning. Keep 'em coming!
  17. petmantis

    A bouquet of sundew flowers

    Woah! I can only imagine the plant(s) they came off of . . .
  18. petmantis

    S.Purpurea is freaking out :(

    Don't separate them. Leave them be; and if you really must, do it next spring before the plants awake from dormancy.
  19. petmantis

    my Nepenthes 2012

    Such outstanding plants. I always look forward to updates! Thanks for sharing Pygo!
  20. petmantis

    Plant education

    I can't offer any help or advice, I've never lectured 5-year olds. I do, however, wish you the best of luck! It's a great thing you're doing. :) What's Malaysia? What's a mountains?