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  1. petmantis

    Assorted pics by Pet

    Some (terrible) pics of select plants... Devon: "the toilet Nep". :D N. jamban, 2nd pitcher in my care. Thanks to Jack & Jeanie at Hawaiian Bots! SG N. ampullaria, from Keehns. It's starting to grow again, Devon - inflating a pitcher, too! :D One of my favorite pitcherplants...
  2. petmantis

    Darlingtonia in full sun, 2011 update

    I improved the "setup" that I used last year, seen here. My plants are now growing in a large square net pot, that fits perfectly into one of the sides of the thermos cooler/water reservoir. Picked up the net-pot for $3.99 ;) Some of this year's pitchers... And finally, a flower...
  3. petmantis

    Canadians Only: Seedgrown S. purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla Ozzy $15

    Up for grabs is 1 mature, at least 5 year old S. purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla. It's roughly 1/5th the size of this (got 5 divisions out of this clump, photo is from last year) : Pruned and divided just yesterday, most pitchers from last year were cut off: You are bidding on...
  4. petmantis

    Short, green Sarrs.

    S. purpurea subsp. venosa var. burkii f. luteola (What a mouthful.... :D ) From Liberty County, Florida of course. 1 of my 2-year-old seedlings (The most pic-worthy, that is. :p) S. psittacina 'Green Rosette' from Baldwin County, Alabama. A flowering-sized plant, but an extremely slow grower...
  5. petmantis

    S. oreophila on Ebay, once again...

    http://cgi.ebay.ca/CARNIVOROUS-PITCHER-Sarracenia-oreophila-10-seeds-/220628134755?cmd=ViewItem&pt=AU_Plants_Seeds_Bulbs&hash=item335e762b63 The seller acknowledges that S. oreophila is indeed very endangered, but do they have the proper permits for shipping? Moreover, how do they know the...
  6. petmantis

    Hairy-legged moth :P

    Found this outside, lol... The wings are pretty cool as far as colors go ( you can't see the underwings in these shots, but they're orange), but the forelegs are covered in fuzz. Any entomologist out there wish to ID it?
  7. petmantis

    Blainville, QC, Canada Bog visit 2010

    What an amazing experience, walking on an 8000-year-old lake covered with a thick carpet of moss, seeing native CPs in the wild... I'm not even going to bother posting every photo, it would take me ages. Instead, here are only a few of them. This SLIDESHOW contains the entire set of photos I...
  8. petmantis

    A NZ alpine dew...

    I got this plant approximately a month ago, from CPgeek (thanks Rob! :) ) with 2 leaves. I was expecting something much slower growing (max 4 leaves in a growth period of 6 months, apparently) and temperamental, but nooo! :D This is the third leaf it's produced in my care, in just over a...
  9. petmantis

    Happy Birthday Blokeman!

    Saw it on the OCPS, so why not Have a good one! And of course, Go Habs Go! :-O :banana2: :boogie: :-D
  10. petmantis

    Canadians: Flowering S. leuco 'Tarnok' /Garrison S $6

    Canadians only: A division of S. leucophylla 'Tarnok', with flower spike emerging. Pitchers last year were 2 feet tall. Photos taken a minute or two ago: winner pays shipping. opening bid: 5$ Let the Canadian bidding-battles begin! :banana2:
  11. petmantis

    Pet's bog start 2010

    A rubbermaid container, with peat moss. Let's see how it goes! BTW, I'm in zone 5B, near Montreal, Qc, Canada... Thanks Blokeman for pretty much making the entire thing. :P PICS from April 23, 2010 Front view Side view Flava var. cuprea that did very poorly last year, showing some...
  12. petmantis

    Bog garden: First watering

    Hello, I've filled up my bog container with approx. 100 litres of sphagnum peat moss (I guess that would be 26 gallons?). Now comes the hard part: getting the peat moss wet. Is it necessary to use distilled water, or can I just use tap water to get it moist, and then water with only distilled...
  13. petmantis

    N. palawanensis: New Nep Species, from Philippines

    Just saw this... The video says it all. That's huge :0o: http://redfernnaturalhistory.com/new_species/nepenthes-palawanensis
  14. petmantis

    6 petals on x'Pirouette'

    I happen to have a P. x'Pirouette' in flower...ATM I have 5 open blooms, a few more coming. This was an interesting find, since mutations are always welcome and most of the time, pretty cool :) A view of the plant a week ago, only 2 blooms were open back then.
  15. petmantis

    Ceph- 1 year in the life....well almost!

    Last year, around my B-day, Labine (Pascal) sent me this... They grow up so fast! :'( Out of the box, and potted up. May 2009. Pitcher used to take the cutting Sometime later, almost summer 2009. Growing up! Summer 2009. A whole bunch of immature pitchers- December 2009 (bad quality)...
  16. petmantis

    Tomorrow's the day...that my disabled spider turns 1 month old.

    When I brought my Byblis liniflora home on November the 28th, I noticed a smal,l white insect-like body on the soil in the glass terrarium. With, one long, thin leg. My immediate reaction: 'Ew, at least it won't be there for long...' A couple hours later, I came back to check on the Byblis...
  17. petmantis

    Propagating Sarracenia....by Growth Point cutting!

    Every now and then, Sarracenia rhizomes may create a new growth point close to the main growth point. After a few weeks, this growth point will make a few pitchers; these pitchers may be the size equivalent to those of Sarracenia seedlings. If left alone, in a few years this growth point will...
  18. petmantis

    How do you root Darlingtonia stolons?

    I just cut off a stolon from my Darlingtonia, it has 4 pitchers on it. I was wondering, how do you get it to make roots? Right now it has the part of the stolon (which was cut) under sphagnum moss, so it doesn't dry out. Do I do anything to help it root in? Or just leave it there, and it'll...
  19. petmantis

    Outdoor plants suffering animal attacks

    Today when i woke up, i went outside to check on my outdoor cp's. To my absolute horror, i saw that every single pot that had sphagnum moss (live or not live) in it, that had been sitting in a water tray, had been stripped of more than 50% of the sphagnum. It seems to me that a raccoon thought...
  20. petmantis

    New Ceph

    I just got my first Ceph as a B-day present from a fellow Quebec CP'er :D :) Well without further ado, here it is! Sorry for the unfocused shots, my hand was shaking from excitement when i got it :p Its pitcher ...and my finger for size comparison :D What'dya think! :D