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  1. Joseph Clemens

    Ping Troubleshooting

    Thanks for the additional cultural details. BTW, none of the media ingredients I use or recommend are anything other than 100% mineral, other than those I suggest as amendments to the media, such as dilute fertilizer solutions, dried insect powder, or Trichoderma harzianum inoculant. My...
  2. Joseph Clemens

    P Juamavensis waking up

    This species is actually called, Pinguicula jaumavensis. I too, once misspelled this name.
  3. Joseph Clemens

    Pinguicula grqandiflora

    Nice plants, though I think you mean, Pinguicula grandiflora.
  4. Joseph Clemens

    Ping Troubleshooting

    You give a very minimal description of your growing conditions. Saying nothing about light levels or photoperiod, temperatures, humidity, etc. If you're not providing lots of strong PAR light, your lack of supplemental nutrients is appropriate, because with lots of water/moisture, and low light...
  5. Joseph Clemens

    Waking up P. wesser

    BTW, the name is actually, P. 'Weser'. It is one of the first registered cultivars in the genus. If you're giving it the conditions you describe, you may need to start feeding it, too. They do well with a little spritz of dilute soluble balanced fertilizer solution, sprayed on their leaves...
  6. Joseph Clemens

    Pinguicula macrophylla

    Pinguicula macrophylla has done well for me in my usual semi-aquatic, under fluorescent light conditions, see my 2005 thread, and my 2009 thread. I had let the image links get out-of-date (I relocated the images, but hadn't yet updated these links). I initially grew them in my more usual...
  7. Joseph Clemens

    Mexican Pinguicula outside

    Sounds like an interesting and progressive plan. I look forward to hearing of your success.
  8. Joseph Clemens

    Mexican Pinguicula outside

    What you said here, reminds me of my experience with placing some Mexican Pinguicula into a tropical greenhouse at a nearby arid plants nursery. The greenhouse is used for plants, other than arid types, including several varieties of Mexican Pinguicula, which I provided. They water by hand, and...
  9. Joseph Clemens

    Mexican Pinguicula outside

    I have tried it with dried/powdered shrimp shells, though not extensively or for an extended period of time. I was concerned that the shrimp shells might contain damaging amounts of sodium, but I soaked mine in D.I. water, several times, and even after they had been powdered, so they were rinsed...
  10. Joseph Clemens

    Mexican Pinguicula outside

    Growing this group of Pinguicula, outside, should depend mostly on your ability to approximate their natural environment, or improve on it. I've often considered trying to do as you mention, but it seems much easier for me to grow them indoors, under lights, for now. A local nursery, here in...
  11. Joseph Clemens

    Solar pump set-up MkII / Darlingtonia House March 10th 2015

    I have often considered such a setup for growing these plants, but never got around to it. Yours seems very practical and is obviously very functional, too. Would you be willing to provide the details of the main components, the pump and power source?
  12. Joseph Clemens

    p. sp. guatemala 3100m care?

    None of the Mexican/equatorial Pinguicula go "dormant". Some of them simply have a growth phase where they produce smaller, more succulent leaves, even those that hide underground are still growing, and even blooming. This heterophyllous growth form has sometimes been mistakenly called...
  13. Joseph Clemens

    Rainbows in the Midwest

    Anyway, hcarlton, it is good to see someone else interested in Byblis. They don't seem to be as common in CP collections as they once were. I enjoy viewing your photos of them. I once brought a non-CP Solanum pyracanthum plant into my CP grow room. At the time I was not aware that it was...
  14. Joseph Clemens

    Rainbows in the Midwest

    Now, back, closer to the subject: So far I've only ever grown Byblis liniflora, and I began with those seed I received from W.I.P. back in the 1970's. But I learned to keep them going, not as annuals, but virtually indefinitely, By tip trimming, then potting and rooting those tip cuttings. The...
  15. Joseph Clemens

    Rainbows in the Midwest

    Dead on arrival. It was about a half dozen small, but live plants. They had rotted away to nearly nothing. I had to examine their pot with a magnifying glass, to even discern their remains. In the same shipment were several Drosera and Sarracenia seedlings. The only plants that were damaged, at...
  16. Joseph Clemens

    Rainbows in the Midwest

    A little:offtopic: Only once, in the late 1970's did I attempt to receive live Byblis liniflora plants shipped from southern California, while at the time I was in Memphis, Tennessee. They were purchased from W.I.P., and though it only took a few days, none of the plants survived the trip...
  17. Joseph Clemens

    Hcarlton's Helis

    All scientific names, plant and animal are written so that they are intrinsically both singular and plural, without changing their spelling. They are formulated that way, so that no changes to their spelling are necessary, nor permitted. In other words, the suffix "s" is not needed, nor...
  18. Joseph Clemens

    Giveaway: Drosera capensis 'Albino' Seeds

    "Drosera capensis var. alba" is a good example of, what is called a nomen nudum (naked name). A name, even if it follows, what appears, superficially to be correct nomenclatural rules, and even if it is published in a well written and popular book, does not automatically follow that it is then...
  19. Joseph Clemens

    P. agnata - colored variety

    I was growing a similar clone, several years ago. The pictures of yours remind me of it. I crossed it with Pinguicula moctezumae, and managed to produce this -> I think you are a very masterful grower, and I appreciate what you're doing, by selecting and interbreeding these for desirable...
  20. Joseph Clemens

    Discuss: Nomenclature edits on forum posts

    Perhaps it is insulting, if that were what I meant. Andrew understood my meaning. But do consider that, when I was a newbie to CP, that was in about 1968, and I was between eleven and twelve years old. I was already involved with organic vegetable gardening, and was learning about orchids at...