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    growth freeze

    hi. it appears that my inermis suddenly decided not to grow anymore. when i got i about a year ago it grew fine and even much faster than the others. but in the past months it refuses to show new growth and its lower leaves are turning yellow though not dieing. its quit strange because all my...
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    Ephippiata hybrids

    Why aren’t there any Ephippiata hybrids? I have never seen one anywhere
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    Looking for n. lowii x ventricosa

    Hi If anyone has a cutting of Lowii x ventricosa ,or anything and is willing to send it to Israel , just know that I am looking. Thanks, Andrei
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    Lowii x ventricosa...where?

    Hello I have been looking for a really long time for the hybrid nepenthes lowii x ventricosa and I found nothing does anyone know of a place that sells it and ships worldwide?
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    Seeking a nursery

    Do you know of an orchid nursery that ships worldwide? thanx..
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    How long?

    Just about how long can highlander nep's live without the night temp' drop? And another question: what exactly is considered a ultra highlander?
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    Leaves drying

    The leaves on my darlingtonia are starting to shrivel and die and I don’t know why The plant gets plenty of light, high humidity and a cool root system So what could be the reason of that?
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    Which one?

    1) hi this is my first post on the forum, so hi everyone... and i have a question. 2)I want to buy a new nep to add to my collection and I am not sure. I want something that is rather special but easy. which one is easier? Inermis or Ephippiata?