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    Dawn of the Super Dew

    I have been breeding my creation D. x obovata ‘Ivan’s Paddle’, selecting clones able to grow in extreme conditions which kill other sundews; including the mighty Cape Sundew. Pictured is one example raised from seed in a micro bog on soil from here in the Los Angeles area along with native...
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    Original D. x obovata ‘Ivan’s Paddle’

    I created this cultivar of a tropical growing fertile tetraploid D. x obovata. My manmade hybrid is unique and of scientific interest because the natural triploid hybrid is sterile, unable to produce viable seed. Originally, my hybrid was slightly fertile. Mysteriously, over several generations...
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    D. anglica Alpine x HI

    Drosera anglica alpine variety (D. anglica var. pusilla) x HI I made this hybrid a few years ago. One plant in the latest generation is smaller than the Hawaiian; the longest leaf so far has not even reached 1 inch. It produces only one flower per stalk. This fast maturing sundew will be good...
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    Found this new wild site, in Southern California

    While exploring a new canyon on the Palos Verdes Peninsula I was astonished to see this site: Butterworts and sphagnum moss growing on a seeping rock face! However, the butterworts were not the species native to California found further north. They look more like some species of Mexican Pinguicula.
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    Pinguicula macroceras Breeding

    I have been growing a line of Pinguicula macroceras from here in California for a number of generations from seed to seed. Strangely, I seem to have developed this tiny strain. Ivan Snyder, AKA the evil Dr. FrankenSnyder
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    Primitive carnivory analyzed

    Take a close look at photos of plants having sticky defensive glands such as Stylidium. Captured insects are stuck on the glands and not even in contact with the leaf surface. There is a prevalent misconception about such sticky glands. The retentive glands of pseudo-carnivorous plants...
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    New Amphiploid Sundew Genesis

    You’ll find images on the web of a hybrid I created years ago: Drosera rotundifolia x capillaris. The original hybrid is sterile. Through the magic of Colchicine treatment I have created a plant which should now be fruitful and multiply. Last week I harvested and sowed its first seed. They look...
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    D. tokaiensis white flower

    I finally did it. There is now a white flowered D. tokaiensis. Only pink flowered plants have been found in nature. Using the Colchicine elixir I successfully transmuted a white flowered sterile hybrid D. x tokaiensis (D. rotundifolia X spatulata) it into the fertile D. tokaiensis. Thanks to...
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    Dr. FrankenSnyder has stepped in...

    from Southern California. You all might know me from my famous work, Colchicine Treatment on Sterile Hybrid Sundews. That’s why they call me “Franken-Snyder”. I am still at it, although my monstrosity collection is much more modest these days.