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    Will this work?

    So today I did something really stupid. I accidentally broke the pitcher off from the tendril.:censor: I wanted to move the neps around my balcony so that they get more sunlight, and as i was moving them around, this raff got stuck on something. I thought maybe the pot was stuck on something, so...
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    nepenthes graciliflora vs alata

    I'm always confused between the two. Is graciliflora a new name for alata? Or was graciliflora a part of nepenthes alata before they got seperated? And is there a difference between the two?
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    Liua's nepenthes

    I don't have a lot of neps, but here are some of their pictures: nepenthes alata "boschiana mimic" (or graciliflora) nepenthes rafflesiana "kuching squat red" I just got this rafflesiana, but this is probably my favorite plant now. I love the red color and the spots on this plant. nepenthes...
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    Highland neps in lowland conditions

    Because of where I live, I have hot lowland summers and the winters are too cold for lowlanders. My summer temps are usually about 36C (97F), and the summer nights are about 27C (81F). I want to give a highland nep a try, but I don't want to buy a cooling setup. I heard that ventricosas and...
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    Rooted cuttings

    I recently got a new nep, a mirabilis var. globosa x (maxima x talangensis). This plant is a rooted cutting that seems to be vining right now. What I really want to see is those lower pitchers, but the pitchers that look most like lowers are these intermediate pitchers: Is it possible that this...
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    nepenthes stem rot?

    About a week ago, I got this lowii x campanualata. I decided to put it in a bag with a hole on top of it to raise humidity for a week to avoid shock and slowly take of the bag. But today I noticed a black area on the stem (only one side of the stem has it). and the older leaves looked a little...
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    Hello from Taiwan

    Hi my name is Aaron and I have been growing CPs for a little more than a year. Nepenthes is my thing. My problems are: 1. I have lowland summers, but winters are a little too cold for some lowlanders 2. Space. (I live in an apartment) 3. Sometimes during Summer, i only get about 3-4 hrs of sun...