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    Black VFT?

    Howdy yall, let me start by first saying that yesterday we had nearly 4 inch of muchneeded rain. we also had temperatures down in the low 40s last week. so i don't know if those factors have anything to do with it, but the outsides or corners of my VFTs are startign to turn black! can someone...
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    How do you import Photos

    I have Pics that i want to share but it needs to be on a web site? I dont have my own web site, waaa what do i do?
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    alright for my VFT's Dormancy pieriod, i plan to Up-Bulb my VFT and Fungacide it, followed by placing it in a plastic bag, and storing it in the refrigerator till spring has sprung. What are your opinions?
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    Howdi Yall!

    I was finaly able to register after the prievious attemps with failure from ikonboard, anyways i am glad to be on.javascript:emoticon('')