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2021 NASC Benefit Auction!

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    Nepenthes 'Linda' & khasiana

    I have several N khasiana plants & happy to part with one. and I'm in SF. let me know if you're still looking. cheers
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    Nep. x 'Rokko'(several) for trade or postage

    I have (at least) 4 N. x 'rokko' plants from cuttings I've taken from my "mother" plant over the years. They are all well established, various sizes & ages, a few suffering from neglect but otherwise healthy & wanting to grow. N. 'rokko' produces nice large pitchers(4"-6+") similar to a larger...
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    nepenthes emmarene for trade

    actually, its not a cultivar but rather an hybrid so the correct presentation of the name (if it really matters to someone) should be Nepenthes x 'emmerene'
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    Anyone have successful pollination?

    Hey Crystal & y'all--I have pollinated/cross-pollinated MANY Pings & have had a lot of success with germination & growing them out. Some x's are not fertile receptively(won't make seed) but will produce some pollen(usually very small amounts) that can fertilize other flowers. "Aphrodite" never...
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    Home-made Ping Hybrid (Crissytal $15)

    Up for auction is a young, home-made Ping. hybrid: (rotundiflora x hemiepiphytica) x cyclosecta. Opening bid $4. I will pay shipping. U.S. bidders only. contact me by PM here on TF. The plant in the pic is the plant you are bidding on. This promises to grow into a beautiful & unique l'il...
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    looking for more Genlisea please...

    I have G. hispidula that is growing very well for me & would like a few more varieties. Anybody got some Genlisea plugs for trade? check my grow list & PM me please. I have LOTS of interesting Pings & lots of interesting Sarracenia divisions. thanks -m
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    looking for cuttings

    what kinds of Pings are you looking for? what kind of Dros. seed do you have? thanks.
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    Looking for unusual Pings...

    ...and/or Ping seeds. WISH List: P. vallisnerifolia P leptoceras P alpina P pilosa P hemiepiphytica anything else(species or hybrid) that's out of the ordinary/unusual/hard to find. you can check my grow list for what i have & also for what you might like in trade(not everything is available...
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    Spontaneous leaf pullings

    Yeah. My esserianas & cyclosectas just did the same thing. now I've got about 30+ leaf-pullings sprouting.
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    ISO Genlisea for trade

    Hi TFers, My first Genlisea growing effort was semi-successful but ultimately the plants didn't make it. So... I'd like to get a fresh start of a Genlisea to give it another go. Please check out my grow list and see if there might be something that would be a fair trade. I have a TON of...
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    Good Space Fillers For Terrarium

    If you're talkin CP terrarium, Utrics are great & they flower. Also you could try LFS moss for any terrarium. I have some miniature ferns that i use in my terrariums, too, that send out runners but are slow growing. there are also some tropical miniature begonias that love terrarium...
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    U. fulva cultivation??

    thanks all. very helpful. RL7836: great link!