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  1. Tony C

    S. leucophylla Hurricane Creek, AL. Plant in 6 inch pot for postage

    1. Shortbus - TYSM 2. Aerogrower - just finished my outdoor bog. Can't wait to fill it up! thanks. 3. Zath - Thanks for the opportunity, your generosity is appreciated 4. Wesly2010 thank you 5. Jab91- thank you! 6 Firerock Thanks! 7. Subrosa - Very generous offer! Thank you! 8. goods- Awesome...
  2. Tony C

    Indoor terrarium, nepenthes and frogs... what is the scoop?

    I hope you are a patient person.
  3. Tony C

    Exo-Terra Nano Tall Setups

    It is because of the labor involved. The cost of the glass is negligible, but a small tank requires just as much labor to build as a medium one. If anything they are more difficult because you have to fit your hands in a smaller space without smudging the glass with silicone or hitting a freshly...
  4. Tony C

    Female Rafflesiana x sibuyanensis? looking for male pollen.

    I have a male mirabilis x bicalcarata that is opening now. Fresh pitcher: Older pitchers turn dark red:
  5. Tony C

    How To: 10 gallon tank for CPs

    It really can't with the temperate plants shown unless you are willing to tear it apart each year for dormancy. Here is a great thread showing a tropical/subtropical terrarium.
  6. Tony C

    Alien with no dormancy?

    A typical VFT will start off the year growing low to the ground like this: Then during the summer it will start to put out upright leaves like this: Then in late summer or fall it will transition back to the low growth pattern. 'Alien' and some other cultivars do not go through this...
  7. Tony C

    Alien with no dormancy?

    No, all VFT require a dormancy. The description refers to the fact that it remains in the low rosette form throughout the growth cycle instead of forming the upright summer traps common to most cultivars and typical varieties.
  8. Tony C

    Pet Lizard Suggestions?

    It honestly does not sound like you are ready for a reptile. Every species has specific environmental and dietary needs which will require some form of heating/cooling, supplementation and most likely UVB lighting. The fact that you would even think of using a hot rock or not providing a proper...
  9. Tony C

    Update on my bog regia

    Looking good, planning to leave them out through the winter?
  10. Tony C

    "Revised" Savage Garden

    What was changed? I took a quick look at the preview on Amazon and it seemed identical to the first edition.
  11. Tony C

    Exyra aren't so specific after all...

    I caught it before it did any real damage, so it's not the end of the world. Just thought it was interesting that they would go for a Heli, I can't imagine there are many people growing them outdoors in the southeast.
  12. Tony C

    Exyra aren't so specific after all...

    All the books talk about how Exyra are specific to Sarracenia, and sometimes even to a single species, but look what I found today: Looks like it is Orthene time...
  13. Tony C

    Sad sight to come home to yesterday morning

    I had an incident a month or so ago where an unsupervised dog thought one of my Sarr pools would be a nice place to play. Had to trim most of them and cut several to to the ground. Most are already showing new growth and probably won't be set back much if at all. They really are resilient plants...
  14. Tony C

    seed bank sent me extra

    I would love to have one, thanks.
  15. Tony C

    Sad sight to come home to yesterday morning

    Sorry to see it. The plants should be able to recover, no different than clipping pitchers for shipping really, but if you do lose you Colossus, oreo or cuprea I should be able to help you out with replacements.
  16. Tony C

    Attempting to start a small business in college

    A Tax ID number is free and takes 10-15 minutes to get, there is no reason not to have one. The less you have to use your SSN the better with all the cases of identity theft that happen now.
  17. Tony C

    Sarracenia from Seed!!

    Thanks. Whatever it is the thing is vigorous, seems like each new pitcher doubles in size. I may have to move it up another pot size or two before the end of the season if it keeps growing like this. :0o:
  18. Tony C

    Sarracenia from Seed!!

    2012 seedlings are starting to put up recognizable pitchers: rosea looks like a bee snuck in, rosea x leucophylla? minor alata 'Night' x red sibling purpurea Started splitting up the spring 2013 seedlings: and started the next batch:
  19. Tony C

    Greenhouse heating calculation correct?

    I'm guessing that your greenhouse measurement is off unless you have a tiny greenhouse. The calculator requires the total square footage of all exposed surfaces (walls and roof), not the floorspace.
  20. Tony C

    Photographs from my Gardens

    Nice, I've never seen an oreo like that. Looks very similar to a flava Karen Oudean gave me that she calls "Fedora Giant".