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    Pitchers not opening??

    This hasn't happened to me before, but I think if there is a sudden change in the environment such as temperature or humidity, pitcher plants sometimes throws out funny pitchers. It could also be the amount of sunlight it is receiving. 4 hours of direct sunlight should be enough. If the...
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    Liua's nepenthes

    Recently repotted my ampullaria which seems like its producing basal shoots now. No pitchers even though right now its summer where I live. In february, this plant got an infection that killed the main growth point. Now this one is slowly recovering, which is nice.
  3. lowii x campy si.jpg

    lowii x campy si.jpg

  4. nepenthe ampullaria basal.jpg

    nepenthe ampullaria basal.jpg

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    Will this work?

    So today I did something really stupid. I accidentally broke the pitcher off from the tendril.:censor: I wanted to move the neps around my balcony so that they get more sunlight, and as i was moving them around, this raff got stuck on something. I thought maybe the pot was stuck on something, so...
  6. whoops.jpg


  7. L

    Is my nepenthes going to be ok :(

    It looks fine to me. The stem turning brown and woody is normal for nepenthes.
  8. L

    nepenthes graciliflora vs alata

    Thanks for the clarification, but is there any visible differences between the two?
  9. L

    nepenthes graciliflora vs alata

    I'm always confused between the two. Is graciliflora a new name for alata? Or was graciliflora a part of nepenthes alata before they got seperated? And is there a difference between the two?
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    Liua's nepenthes

    I don't have a lot of neps, but here are some of their pictures: nepenthes alata "boschiana mimic" (or graciliflora) nepenthes rafflesiana "kuching squat red" I just got this rafflesiana, but this is probably my favorite plant now. I love the red color and the spots on this plant. nepenthes...
  11. group shot.jpg

    group shot.jpg

  12. nepenthes (maxima x boschiana) x truncata fresh.jpg

    nepenthes (maxima x boschiana) x truncata fresh.jpg

  13. nepenthes (maxima x boschiana) x truncata.jpg

    nepenthes (maxima x boschiana) x truncata.jpg

  14. nepenthes (glandulifera x boschiana) x campanulata.jpg

    nepenthes (glandulifera x boschiana) x campanulata.jpg

  15. nepenthes lowii x campanulata.jpg

    nepenthes lowii x campanulata.jpg

  16. nepenthes rafflesiana.jpg

    nepenthes rafflesiana.jpg

  17. nepenthes alata.jpg

    nepenthes alata.jpg

  18. L

    My Dionaea Fly trap looks like it dying.

    Do you have any pictures of the plant? Looking at the plant might help us identify the problem.
  19. L

    Have I been scammed?

    Here is an article about avoiding scams. Hope this will help you. https://www.thecarnivoregirl.com/looking-to-buy-carnivorous-plant-seeds-read-this-before-you-get-scammed/
  20. L

    Have I been scammed?

    I'm not so sure that they are nepenthes seedlings. Usually nepenthes seedlings produce their traps right after their seed leaves. What I try to do before buying seed online is to look to see if the seller has any pictures of the seeds. If not, I go down to the reviews to see if anybody has...