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  1. Tony C

    Exyra aren't so specific after all...

    All the books talk about how Exyra are specific to Sarracenia, and sometimes even to a single species, but look what I found today: Looks like it is Orthene time...
  2. Tony C

    Mantis egg case Creobroter pictipennis

    *Trade Pending* Mantis egg case Creobroter pictipennis Trade Pending Thought I would post this here since there is some overlap in interests. Will trade for Sarracenia. Ootheca: Mom: Dad: :awesome:
  3. Tony C

    Cephalotus leaf cuttings

    Checked on my cuttings and found this: :banana2:
  4. Tony C

    Beginner's Giveaway

    I have been the beneficiary of several recent giveaways, now I would like to give back to the community by hosting my own. I would like to limit this to members with small collections just starting out in the hobby. The winner will receive a starter package of three plants: Sarracenia 'Scarlet...
  5. Tony C

    WTT Darlingtonia for Sarracenia

    WTT Darlingtonia for Sarracenia ALL GONE All plants have found new homes.
  6. Tony C

    Does the NASC seedbank still exist?

    I sent in a request almost two weeks ago but haven't heard back, and noticed that the inventory list has not been updated in several months. Has the seedbank been abandoned?
  7. Tony C

    Some Sarr pics

    I picked up a few seedlings over the weekend and potted them up today, seemed like a good time to snap some pics as well. :mrgreen: New seedlings: Collection overview, they are loving the warm weather and really taking off now: Darlingtonia: S. (rubra gulfensis x flava)...
  8. Tony C

    First Nepenthes - N. Miranda

    I was out cruising nurseries over the weekend and my girlfriend found this beast. I have it hanging in a corner in my frog room and it has already made a few free-range spiders disappear, I think we're going to be good friends. :bigthumpup:
  9. Tony C

    Wanted: Darlingtonia 'Othello'

    The title says it all, if there are any left in cultivation I would love to add one to the collection.
  10. Tony C

    Wanted: Sarracenia orange flowered hybrid

    In the Sarracenia FAQ Dr. Rice mentions an orange flowered hybrid of unknown parentage link to his photo. If there are any divisions of this plant out there I would love to trade for one. :-O
  11. Tony C

    Another Oregonian

    Hey all, been lurking for a bit and it looks like I am in good company here in the PNW. After two successful winters with a small group of Sarracenia the addiction has kicked into high gear and my collection is growing quickly. :beer:
  12. Tony C

    Tony's Grow List

    Cephalotus follicularis - Typical Darlingtonia californica Dionaea muscipula - 'Akai Ryu' - 'B52' - 'Burbank's Best' - 'Justina Davis' - 'Pink Venus' - 'Red Piranha' - Typical Drosera - binata var. dichotoma "Small Red Form" - capensis alba - capensis "Typical" - filiformis var. tracyi -...