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  1. 7santiago

    those finicky cephs ;)

    thats rediculous... its interesting to have been gone for a long time and see how the perception of cephs has changed. Very nice work!
  2. 7santiago

    what is this sarracenia

    my guess is s. flava maxima I cant tell whether it has red stripes but it seems that it doesn't.
  3. 7santiago

    Lowes CP ID's

    The butterwort you bought was probably P. primuliflora. Lutea is sort of rare, and its puny and kind of disappointing. Primulifora is very easy to propagate, is big, and flowers a lot.
  4. 7santiago

    D. scorpioides gemmae "SASE"

    1.limeslide 2.dewy 3.7santiago Thanks!
  5. 7santiago

    Sarracenia photos (2010)

    What are the two hybrids in the right of your setup. the one that looks like a leucophylla and the reddish one to the left of it with the HUGE pitcher opening? They're quite nice!
  6. 7santiago

    1 year without water, pics

    That is absolutely fascinating! They seem to be doing quite well. Did they shrink? I wonder how they must have met their water requirements... Air Humidity?
  7. 7santiago

    Variegation or just some temporary wierd growth

    A plantlet has grown from my p. moranensis which exhibits variegated growth with undulated margins. To make things even more interesting i have this plant in a tank next to a display case were i store my rocks and mineral collection. Among my most cherished specimens is a small piece of uranium...
  8. 7santiago

    Byblis hybrids?

    Im not claiming anything but i have grown the two in the same tank and ive seen seedlings here and there that resemble both speices, problem is that the seed pods form with no seeds in them. Perhaps the cross is infertile?
  9. 7santiago

    N. x "Black Dragon" and x "Sabre"

    ooooo its like the twilight zone!!!! Its sad, it might be a trade secret but it should still be registered somewhere, So if the nursery goes broke a piece of science wont be missing for all eternity. Thats like producing a giant venus fly trap and never ever being able to know where it came...
  10. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    Well that depends on who is speaking it! I think it isn't sexy when someone like frida kahlo is speaking it. Spanish is sexy when a male is speaking it, such as how they do in those movies.... Female spanish is so-so, i think french complements females more than spanish. imo
  11. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    *french laugh* Huogh huogh huogh ! vraiment le fendoir
  12. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    http://www.chinese-outpost.com/language/ its a great site for beginning and then i went to www.chinesepod.com to learn vocab, im learning fast (i think, to be my first week of study)
  13. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    JAPANESE!< another one on my i wish to learn list hmmm.... spanish-sheck esperanto-check french-im working on it italian- almost done mandarin/chinese- soon japanese-soon austrailian- too hard
  14. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    Ok ill bid on it on ebay, yah that discovery atlas thingy was AMAZING, and it made me realize that when im all old and wrinkly china will be the leader and most powerfull country. Also i really hope that chinese girl gets the olympic gold!
  15. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    its $300s !!!
  16. 7santiago

    learning chinese

    Im learning chinese, but its really hard so far! Has anyone tried to do this, any website suggestions? shie shie
  17. 7santiago

    EYE floaters....

    long distance, it really depends but usually at the lightsource though your eyelid. My floaters are ususally only visible midday except for one i allways see
  18. 7santiago

    EYE floaters....

    no, they arn't alive , your vitrious humor, your eye liquid, moves and terbulate you know....
  19. 7santiago

    EYE floaters....

    I thought it was bacteria too... untill i went on the king-daka it forced the larger eye floaters on the walls of my eyes off to the vitrious humor....