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  1. theplantman

    Is my Ant Plant dead?

    Yeah, it's gone. Sorry. 100% fatality.
  2. theplantman

    Unknown Aloe/Succulent ID

    Looks like an Agave, but as for species I have no idea. Doubt you have an aloe.
  3. theplantman

    Lithops desync ?

    I'm spotting some L. fulviceps and L. karasmontana, perhaps a couple L. bromfieldii too. There will be differences in flowering times between species as well as relative maturity levels (i.e. you will get new leaves rather than flowers if your plants are under 2-3 years old.)
  4. theplantman

    0-0-3 Silicon Supplement For heat tolerance?

    I love this product. I use it on everything whenever I don't have a silica source in the media. Orchids, antplants, Neps, etc. all grow much healthier as a result. It helps defend against pests as well, and resultingly I have cut down on my pesticide treatments significantly by paying attention...
  5. theplantman

    Sarracenia Giveaway #9

    1) SerMuncherIV - Thank you!! 2)bijillon 3)hcarlton-the one maxima form I don't have.... 4)the plantman thanks for the chance!�� 5)
  6. theplantman

    My regia has flowered

    Fantastic news, Djoni!! Hope you get some little babies out of that plant. The flowers seem quite large among drosera, too.
  7. theplantman

    UV Fluorescence in CPs

    Holy crap--that's awesome! Do a Drosera!! I have always been curious about those!! I've seen plenty of UV Nep photos, but yours make it blatantly obvious that these plants are advertising with multiple wavelengths. Thanks for sharing!
  8. theplantman

    Photo Thread of My Collective

    Honestly have lost count--at least 250 taxa, and within a taxon (i.e. the progeny of one cross) I might have several hundred actual individuals. And at the end of the day, my answer to the above question will always be "not enough." So without further ado, I present the next installment of...
  9. theplantman

    Drosophyllum seedlings

    Grow, little Phoenixes, grow!!
  10. theplantman

    Lecanopteris mirabilis as a houseplant

    Most Lecanopteris in general seem to be pretty tolerant of abuse, low humidity, heat, and a skipped watering. Oh and Chris--I'm itching to secure an L. mirabilis, so let me know if I can swap you a crustacea division at some point =). It's big enough to split. Also got some...
  11. theplantman

    Carnivorous Plants Workshop, May 14th, Athens GA

    Hi folks, It's that time again! For those of you in Georgia or willing to make it to the Athens area, I will be teaching the 3rd annual growing carnivorous plants workshop at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia! The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 14th from 9AM to 1PM. It counts for...
  12. theplantman

    What's the best way to get a nepenthes to flower?

    I flowered one of Paul Barden's nep crosses in 2.5 years, from seed. No artificial lighting, lowland temps year-round. There aren't any secrets or goofy tricks IME, just making sure your plants are growing as optimally as possible. Good growing conditions in general will create maturity faster...
  13. theplantman

    The photo thread of curtisconners

    Very nice. I am reminded of my early collecting years--plants growing on top of tables and every improvised surface. Hah! It finally got to my wife and she caved in for a greenhouse. I have no doubt all those plants will be happy to have wound up at your place!
  14. theplantman

    About to butcher a massive N. maxima, cuttings for trade

    Hi all, We've got a ginormous N. maxima encroaching on the Sarrs, and I assure you that the Nepenthes is going to lose the fight for space here. It's going to get some love that only a pair of pruners can give. The clone was purchased in the 90s from Wistuba by a friend of mine. I've been...
  15. theplantman

    Drosera capensis white petioles

    Obviously it's just me staring at a picture, but I'm gonna second Zath that this plant is probably starving to death and needs feeding. That is not a plant someone should've sent you if it looked like that 2 weeks ago!! Unless a freebie, of course. Another guess would be that the original...
  16. theplantman

    Photo Thread of My Collective

    First off, we've got a stellar clone of S. flava var. cuprea (Old Dock, Columbus Co., NC), from the same batch I have for sale in my catalog. This one's up earlier, larger, and is certainly a winner in my book. S. flava rugelii, Santa Rosa Co., FL S. x umlauftiana (Thanks Paul!) One of...
  17. theplantman

    Drosera capensis white petioles

    What are your temps, humidity and lighting conditions? Also, how long have you had that plant, and how long has it been potted in its current media? Has it been repotted recently?
  18. theplantman

    Drosera capensis white petioles

    Thanks for the link, but unfortunately I can't speak to a plant that isn't yours. Despite that your capensis may look similar, it could be an entirely different issue. Let us know when you're able to put pics up. I recommend a photobucket account, which contains IMG tags that you can paste at...
  19. theplantman

    Drosera capensis white petioles

    Eager to see this as well