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    Dying Darlington

    I may be wrong but it looks like your Darlingtonia is a goner. When the leaves wither and dry out like that but still have their green color it means that they aren't getting water from their roots. I've never had them survive once they show those signs. I've always grown my Darlingtonia outside...
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    Looking For (trade) Nepenthes pollen

    No, it's a seed grown from Jeremiah Harris. I do have BE-3736 but it's only a large basal rosette right now. Fingers crossed that the uppers are correct.
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    Looking For (trade) Nepenthes pollen

    The first flowers have finally opened! I'll have pollen soon and I will send it out. If you're interested, pm me your address. I'll let you know when it's in the mail.
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    Give Away Free Drosera Capensis seeds and ceph leaf(s)!

    I would be very interested! I usually use envelopes that are lined with bubble wrap for seeds. I haven't sent leaf pullings through the mail before but a small pill bottle or something similar would probably work well. Postal service uses a lot of machines to sort mail that could smash leaf...
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    Looking For (trade) Nepenthes pollen

    Thank you for the help! I will definitely get you some pollen. That looks like a promising cross. I'll let you know as soon as a few flowers open up and I have some pollen.
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    Looking For (trade) Nepenthes pollen

    My eymae is flowering for me for the first time. So it looks like I was wrong. I was given the suggestion to dissect a single flower and it has the brain-like anthers inside. On the plus side, I'll have some nice eymae pollen available soon! Hoping to make a nice cross. Thanks!
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    Hello from Washington state

    Hello everybody! My name is Daniel. Ive been growing an assortment of carnivorous plants (Darlingtonia, Sarracenia, Nepenthes and the occasional ping and sundew) for about 15 years. I was part of another forum about ten years ago. It was carnivorous plants in the jungle or something like that...