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    Anyone growing EP "Gothica"? It is a beautiful Nep I never see here.

    It does fine in intermediate. Ive got mine in a warm grow room and i just mist it daily, its turning into a monster. Ive had it for 6 or 7 years now. Neglecting it most of the time till recently.
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    Giveaway Orchid Seedlings Bulbo plumatum, Sarcochilus ceciliae, and Sedirea Japonica

    Tardigrades ,also known as waterbears or moss piglets, are water-dwelling, segmented micro-animals, with eight legs Tardigrades can withstand temperatures from just above absolute ZERO to well above the boiling point of water, pressures about six times greater than those found in the deepest...
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    All the More Reason to Avoid Facebook

    the problem with a lot of products and loans is you are forced to sign your rights away or you cant have that business, and in most cases you cant go else where anyways.
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    NECPS Show 2013

    Thats cool. I wish i had talked to you.Maybe next time ill get a chance to chat. I won some location venus flytrap seeds from you recently in an auction. Its fun to put faces avatars. Makes these forums even more intresting
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    Heliamphora parva x folliculata seedling

    some day i can join! I actually still have the plants i got from the 2012 icps seed giveaway.Your the best! i bet i could get 100 posts in 6 days (as i plot to take over the world)
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    NECPS Show 2013

    thats pretty. I have a spat x hamata thats starting to look pretty cool also.Thanks for sharing the pic
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    NECPS Show 2013

    It was, it looks pretty cool. That wasn't you that sold it to me was it? I had asked which looked the better of the 4 that was there.
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    NECPS Show 2013

    yeah. I baught a couple wooly sundews and a nepenthes hamata hybrid. I haven't taken any pics yet.I won a couple things at the silent auction, a heli and some gemma.I wish i could have come early on sat to try and get some more helis but work calls. I still had a ball and found a few keepers...
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    NECPS Show 2013

    my name is billy from Maine, and i went with my family. We had a lot of fun thank you!
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    Drosera graomogolensis

    i dont think it means 2 clones. But 2 different seed grown plants of the same species.I think you are right, first case would work best
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    Ventricosa x ovata GIVEAWAY!!

    gratz bonnie!
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    giveaway/ trade

    Ty tatorger!I got them already few days ago
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    Hcarlton's seed giveaways!

    N. x splendiana x ventricosa (3 winners) 1.planturd 2.EntHerptology thanks! 3.rball 4.Jag- If I still count. =) thank you! 5.KNepenthe Thank you!!! 6.Corners 7. D. intermedia Easton, MA (3 winners) 1. chibae 2.EntHerptology 3. Pearldiver 4. rellenburg 5. monkey_Cup D. sessilifolia (3 winners)...
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    Free Nepenthes Rafflesiana Seeds

    gratz all! Ty knepenthe for offering this to others!
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    N maxima x talangensis seed giveaway

    1. Jcal 2. mylesg 3. That One Guy 4. dueoka - Thanks! 5. Dante1709 - Thank you! New to this forum! 6. vdub804 7. tower 8. KNepenthe 9. Huntsmanshorn 10.Jstutman 11. rball 12. lance Thanks for the opportunity! 13. Corners ty!
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    Monkey's birthday giveaway!

    1. Duckhook- Well I don't have any so.........I will bite. 2. Pearldiver 3. afrodisa 4. Wesly2010 5. Cbennett4041... Donka! 6. BFLOCPfan - Thank you very much!! 7. Corners. Thank you and happy birthday!
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    Sarracenia giveaway

    9 Thank you
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    giveaway/ trade

    3" pot of D. spatulata 1.EntHerptology 2.corners 3. 3" pot of D. spatulata 1.EntHerptology 2. 3. 3" pot of D. spatulata 1.EntHerptology 2. 3. D. capensis 1. incspir 2. 3...
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    Venus fly trap seeds for the right answer.

    "If interested you will simply have to guess what my favorite movie is! Main character is Tiva. She owns terr who is her pet. This is an animated movie. I think this was a hint
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    Nepenthes lowii Seed Giveaway . . .

    "1. mato - Thanks, senor 2. Heli - "Will work for lowii"! Really cool, thanks 3. That One Guy ~thanks. :-) 4. Exo - Thank ya kindly 5. Favian- gracias! 6. mass -many thanks! 7. Flasker - Thanks! 8. JB_orchidguy thanks for the offer!! 9. Eric- Thanks! 10. divaskid - thanks! 11. vbkid...thanks for...