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  1. JMN16150

    Drosera hamiltonii won't grow right

    My D. hamiltonni is grown at my windowsill(not sure what direction it faces) but it isn't growing its leaves properly. It would form a leaf but fail to produce tentacles and grow another leaf. Is this normal is hamiltonii behavior? It receives bright light, watered by tray method, and is kept...
  2. JMN16150

    Did I just lose P. debbertiana?

    hello TF, my P. debbertiana has gone dormant and making new succulent leaves, but all of a sudden, the new green leaves in the center has turned black over night. I'm afraid that I might have loss P. debbertiana. I will post pictures soon, but does anyone know what to do in this scenario? Thank...
  3. JMN16150

    Any houseplants blooming?

    Hello TF, spring is coming along with the awakening of new growth on most plants, spring showers, May flowers, sunshine, and more! Let's celebrate, so what's blooming for you at the moment? Cp or non cp:) My room is mainly an amaryllis funhouse heh. Last, but not least, A. 'Mont Blanc'...
  4. JMN16150

    I need help with an epiphyte

    Hello guys, I just recently got back to this hobby so I can enjoy the awesome carnivorous plants I once enjoyed before. However, I don't know how to take care of an Utricularia alpina x endresii. Can you give me tips and your experiences? Thank you very much; help is appreciated:)
  5. JMN16150

    What are these seeds?

    My dad came home with these seeds today; he said it was a flowering plant. I'm curious if any of you members know what it is. He gave me a task to try and grow them... THANKS!
  6. JMN16150

    Can someone give me care tips pls?(M. pudica)

    Hello, I just bought Mimosa pudica a few days ago; I bought it because of it's unique ability to move leaves when touched. I'm sort of scared now, because I did internet research and found that they usually die after flowering. Sources also say they are hard to take care of. Thanks!
  7. JMN16150

    Who's going to the BACPS tomorrow?

    Hello members, tomorrow should be a fun day and a great opportunity to meet some of you in person. I haven't been to a meeting before and I'm not sure if my dad would drive me there on my behalf. I hope there is going to be a plant sale though. I'll let this thread know if I'm coming, but if I...
  8. JMN16150

    What's your favorite aquatic plant?

    Hello TF members:) I've recently gone out from planted tanks into African cichlids. It's good and bad at the same time. Good: less maintenance, African cichlids are easier to breed and sell, does well with the naturally hard water in Lathrop. Bad: less plant options because of high ph(7.5 -8)...
  9. JMN16150

    Anybody grow gibba?

    Hello, do any of you grow U. gibba. I'm planning on buying some on ebay. I heard they are easy to take care of, but I can't really find any info on how to grow them. Can you grow it in a glass vase filled with ro water with light? Thanks!:grin:
  10. JMN16150

    Some orchid I've had for a while.

    I've had this orchid for some time now, but I don't know what it is. I think it's an epidendrum; what do you think? Thanks!
  11. JMN16150

    Heliamphora Growers I need your help... URGENTLY!!!

    Hello once again TF mems, I recently bought a heliamphora minor. I've had it for a month, barely and it's struggling for its life!!! I received it in 100% sphagnum moss, but ever since I received it leaves started to turn brown. I'm keeping it in a terrarium with a glass top. Not sure what the...
  12. JMN16150

    Catopsis mooreniana

    Is this bromeliad one of the carnivorous ones? Thanks!
  13. JMN16150

    Sterilizing pots?

    Hello tf members! I've been in a war with an unknown mycelia lately(I'm guessing it came from via stupid mosser lee brand) and I recently took my Nepenthes sanguinea and Utricularia reniformis 'Small Leaf' an took out most of the soil affected by the nasty mycelium. The mycelium in both of the...
  14. JMN16150

    H. minor tips please:D

    Hello TF members, it's my first time getting an H. minor and it is coming in probably a few days. Some members already gave me tips, but can you guys tell me if this is correct? H. minor is somewhat a forgiving specie. It likes bright light with cool temps during the day(up to 70degrees...
  15. JMN16150

    What is your favorite ping?

    My favorite ping is agnata 'True Blue'. It has proven itself really hardy to me by being more vigorous than other species(or hybrids). Its flower is pretty cute too with a blue tinged blossom. It also likes to grow aerial roots everywhere(is that good or bad). So.... What's your favorite ping?
  16. JMN16150

    Any nurseries?

    Is there any nurseries in or around Disneyland(Anaheim, CA), Universal Studios(Hollywood), and Six Flags Magic Mountain to visit? Thanks tf members!
  17. JMN16150

    Utric fungus! Help please:(

    Some random fungus has been attacking my utrics; it has claimed the life of my bisquamata 'Betty's Bay' already. I'm scared that it might claim my two u. longifolia divisions too! Any tips is appreciated:D Link:http://s1251.photobucket.com/user/JMN16150/library/U%20Fungus?page=1 THANKS!:-O
  18. JMN16150

    Any tips?

    Any tips on Asian lily bulbs and spider lily bulbs?(like light, water, dormancy) Thanks:)
  19. JMN16150

    Things I'm currently growing:) (Along with some thank yous for some members)

    Echeveria 'Lipstick' Drosera roseana gemmae, thanks for the pack of gemmae, Wireman:D Pinguicula moctezumae x gigantea from Crissytal/Crystal Pinguicula 'weser'??? from Crissytal (Is it a P. 'Weser?) Pinguicula agnata 'True Blue' from Crissytal (My first Mexican ping:) )...
  20. JMN16150

    Dinosaur Plant?

    Has anyone heard of the dinosaur plant or rose of Jericho? They seem pretty cool to try, but I'm actually wondering if they'll grow new leaves and stay green for a while... On another forum, I read that this plant is actually dead but turns green when exposed to water... Thanks guys!