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    PAID (emc2 $11) gigantea seeds

    Seeds received today. Thanks!
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    Plant of the Month April 2018

    If we have a flower theme then, U. alpina (Parque Nacional Henry Pittier, Venezuela)
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    How old is too old?

    I'm curious too. Do you see any benefit of doing so for TC? I'm never able to get 100% sterilisation of Nep seeds, always have some fungus in at least a few seeds. Does removing the seed coat allow a better treatment?
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    Pitcher of the Month February 2018

    N. veitchii x burbidgeae EP Freshly opened 2 weeks ago: Today, peristome folded and final color
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    Plant of the Month February 2018

    Just a simple N. glabrata
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    Give Away Nepenthes pollen available soon

    Hi all, Two of my Neps are flowering for the first time, and looking at the flower I expect both of them to be male (lucky me...). These are pure mudblood, so I don't expect a lot of interest. Still if you have a female plant without any specific value flowering (I mean if you want to cross it...
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    Give Away Free N.ovata x aristolochioides seeds

    1.heffely92-I would like some 2. Grey Moss - I'll throw my hat in. Thanks for the great generosity! 3. charlie - That's very generous! Thanks for the giveaway! 4. Sashoke - Thank you for the opportunity! 5. Acro 6. Thatonechick thanks so much! 7. Raistlarn -. Thank you for the giveaway 8. emc2 -...
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    Ongoing project: sequencing the genome of an Alaskan Utricularia

    I was where you are a few years ago, it's definitively interesting to learn, but takes a lot of time! I will MP you my pipeline, mostly using SLURM scheduler commands and bash to launch the actual tools.
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    Ongoing project: sequencing the genome of an Alaskan Utricularia

    What software do you use with the minion, can you use an OLC one as you end up with long reads? I unfortunately have no experience with genomes, only do exomes and transcriptomes, but I can always have a look if I can run it on our HPC cluster.
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    Ongoing project: sequencing the genome of an Alaskan Utricularia

    Probably already popped up in your pubmed alerts but else http://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-08461-5.pdf could be an interesting starting point too.
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    Utricularia from wetlands in Alaska

    Was more thinking in shipping a piece of leaf or better a tube of DNA if you can still perform the extraction locally. Else, yes, totally agree, these are different use case, I guess a better comparison, for costs, would be with a 10x genomics run. I'm actually quite interested into the sample...
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    Utricularia from wetlands in Alaska

    I would be interested on your feedback and you protocols over the nanopore sequencing. Send me a MP if you don't mind sharing. Depending the output, coverage, etc it seems quite a steep price by sample. The device is cheap, but then with kit and flowcell it seems each sample will run around...
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    Give Away For Active Members Nepenthes hamata (10 fresh seeds) Giveaway

    1. nongpi - 14, 378, 250 2. Purpoh - 392, 476, 135 3. Grey Moss - 96, 215, 421 4. Swagalotus - 10, 321, 386 5. Girlygirl1010- 180, 356, 475 6. emc2 - 132, 256, 398
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    Give Away For Active Members Nepenthes edwardsiana (10 fresh seeds) Give away

    1) tmurphy44870 42, 567, 678 2) Joeycop 267, 534, 771 3) Plant Heathen 799 , 275 , 013 4) iMango - 300 333 742 5) shenri - 123 783 67 6) nimbulan - 69, 342, 574 7)sharkjaws1234- 10, 120, 750 8)Girlygirl1010 - 130, 620, 85 9) emc2 - 99, 164, 666
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    Give Away Orchidioides Utricularia

    1. emc2 - Do I have 30 posts? Well will see in a few seconds I guess.
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    In the spotlight

    There was also some discussion on the OPB radio, this radio show is now available - to listen on http://www.opb.org/radio/programs/thinkoutloud/segment/plant-smuggling-3d-printing-clackamas-service-center/ - to directly download on https://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/12323255/12323255.mp3...
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    Photobuckt Ends 3rd Party Hosting For Lower Tier Services

    No one mentioned it yet, but Google Photos is also a decent solution and it is unlikely they will start charging you to host the pictures. Flickr is nice, but it's owned by Yahoo, recently bought by Verizon, so more likely than other to experience changes in the near future. But to be honest...
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    Drosera sessilifolia seeds

    A few started sprouting on regular soil mix in the last weeks, and the first one sprouted in TC at the end of last week!
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    *PAID*(SavageExotics $5) D. hookeri, 50+ seeds

    Seeds shipped today, regular letter, should be there by middle of next week.