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  1. Plant Planter

    Better late than never...

    Welcome to the forums! Your carnivorous plant saga sure seems exciting! (My old eighth grade English teacher would love how you wrote it. :bigthumpup:)
  2. Plant Planter

    Free D. spatulata!

    I believe 'whom' is used as the object of a prepositional phrase in place of 'who'. But maybe that's just me.
  3. Plant Planter

    Hey from Ohio....

    Welcome to TerraForums! Plant obsessions are pretty much standard fare here. ;)
  4. Plant Planter

    Raccoon Deterrent

    Quick question: Won't they just come back if I stop using it?
  5. Plant Planter

    Raccoon Deterrent

    The carnage never ends!!!!! :mad: I do have one thing to thank the raccoons for, and that's for dividing one of my flytraps for me, which I probably wouldn't have had the guts to do myself. ...But even though I just potted it today, THEY RIPPED IT OUT AGAIN! Anyways, I need to change...
  6. Plant Planter

    free seeds! :drool:

    1. PitcherPlantr Thank you for the opportunity! 2. Zath - Thank you! 3. Shortbus- tysm 4. Iwest - Thanks for doing such a great giveaway! 5. Dragoness - Wish me luck! 6. That One Guy- sounds like offspring will be great 7. samolo 8. cbennett4041.. that seed ought to make some cool...
  7. Plant Planter

    My Saccarenia, is this a good sign?

    True. My Sarracenia is on the west side of my house and gets zapped by full-force afternoon sun, and all it does is turn red.
  8. Plant Planter

    Saw my Scorpioides snag a gnat out of midair

    First: Great plant! :bigthumpup: And second: This reminds me of a hilarious moment last year when my 'Cupped Trap' flytrap closed on a fly and the thing's whole head was sticking out with cartoony red eyes (no pun intended) bugging out. I have a picture somewhere... Aha, here it is! It's in a...
  9. Plant Planter

    Well, this is awkward......

    It's referred to as false vivipary if it's a part of a flower stalk. Barry Rice goes into a good amount of detail on his FAQ, but what it boils down to is that since flowers are just modified leaves, some hormonal imbalance could cause the flowers to revert back to leaves. It's perfectly normal...
  10. Plant Planter

    Curious Discovery

    I just must say that the Winter from Hell, while oxymoronic, is very accurate. But anyhow, where were these pots located? Location can be a big deciding factor in plant survival.
  11. Plant Planter

    NEW+ Cephalotus, D. Spatulata, D. Red Dragon, Cobra lily

    That sounds much more accurate. ;)
  12. Plant Planter

    NEW+ Cephalotus, D. Spatulata, D. Red Dragon, Cobra lily

    That flytrap does not look like a D. 'Red Dragon'. It looks like a hybrid of that and D. 'Sawtooth'. Either way, great plants!
  13. Plant Planter

    Raccoon Deterrent

    Interestingly enough, the raccoons have stopped visiting...at least for now. I didn't mention that another strategy of mine is to use my good ol' raccoon trap and just relocate them when I catch them. As far as I know, raccoons do not have the same amazing tracking senses that, say, cats do.
  14. Plant Planter

    Drosera Ffliformis giveaway

    Your favorite element is lithium, oxygen, or silicon? Those are my three guesses.
  15. Plant Planter

    Wild CPs in Michigan

    If I ever have a few hours of free time, I'm definitely driving over! ;)
  16. Plant Planter

    Hello from hot and muggy Florida

    Welcome (back) to the forums! It sounds like you've already got a great collection going. :)
  17. Plant Planter

    Hello From Indiana

    Welcome to the forums! Drooling over plants is pretty much standard fare here. ;)
  18. Plant Planter


    Ouch. That's some serious damage there. And yes, grasshoppers eat leaves. Several have escaped my plants by just eating their ways out (which I do NOT appreciate).
  19. Plant Planter

    Plastic cups over VFTS in the store? kill em or save em?

    I never really cared about the domes, but then again, I never needed them. My flytraps always have done well regardless of being in a terrarium or not.
  20. Plant Planter

    Things my plants ate..

    Same thing always happens when my flytraps catch a spider. :-D