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    Aldrovanda tank size?

    I have found aldrovanda to be easy as, I use containers as small as 0.5L to as large as 300L ponds. I have found the most crucial factors to be PH, Light and CO2, but providing two out of three are good enough you can get away with it. Ideally I like to use a tank at least 5L, this way a simple...
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    Young nepenthes food.

    He means the soil. I often add NPK pellets to the soil of my nep seedlings, but I believe a good water flow during watering is important when fertilising carns. Otherwise I normally add pellet fish food to my traps, 1 small 1-2mm pellet is enough for a 2cm trap, anymore and it can rot.
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    Christmas cactus soil?

    I don't grow these, but the parents do and when I re-potted them for them I just used the same mix they had, 2 part premium potting mix (just standard potting mix) and 1 part sand. They have dozens of happy specimen and are pretty neglectful letting the rain water them, so these plants seem...
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    New Beginnings

    Beautiful specimen, I have tried a few times and they tend to get to about 30-35cm and survive 4-5months, then the wet season comes and they rot and die before they ever flowered to make more seed. So I am always envious of those who can do them well, does you climate agree with them (dry), or...
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    Nepenthes seed germination setup?

    The species will also help for advice (as some species prefer varied mediums, and obviously temps), but really a lack of air flow seems to be the major issue here. If you can use a small fish tank (or even a clear storage box or large plastic container) and a cpu fan you will get much better...
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    Byblis ?

    The plant is 100% an Indica complex, it is just about which.
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    Aquatic Utricularia Discussion Thread

    Ok, the following Australian species are happy as affixed aquatics and when I am at my greenhouse this weekend I will take a few pics. Uliginosa (some varieties more so than others thrive at a depth of 30-40cm and in the wild 2M is no shock), Bifida, Limosa, Dichotoma, Nivea (only to 5cm before...
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    Byblis ?

    It is definitely a Drosera indica, I would agree with finlaysoniana on the basis that it and Serpens are the most commonly grown, however serpens has a petiole (which your plant does not), so is ruled out. Though until it gets older it can be hard to correctly ID this complex as their are so...
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    Unhappy Bellii

    My bellii is in full sun though beige 50% shadecloth from 8-5year round, temps of 8-40C, constant high humidity (70%+), and always happy (about 2 years on).
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    Nepenthes Seed Sowing

    Depending on what neps the conditions vary, I am limited to lowlanders and intermediates, but I have great success with an array of soils, the biggest thing seems to be keep the media moist, bright to intense light and air flow. I now just put the seeds in trays on a bench in my greenhouse, but...
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    Your favorite food for plants

    I use betta pellets on small neps and seedling drosera, then older plants get gold fish pellets, I don't have time to catch and feed everyone so it is easy and great.
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    Sundew identification

    I put my venusta (and most south African, south American and Asiatic drosera) through temps as cold as 8-10C on winter nights to as hot as 40-42C days, but averages are winters of 10-12C nights, days of the high 20's and summer is 23-27C nights and days of 30-35C. Humidity is constantly above...
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    D. adelae recovery

    At my parents where D. adelae are native they will grow in anything, and I mean anything, but when I moved to uni I hit a problem to at first, I found the best way is to grow them in an open soil (spag/sand, peat/perlite (both 1:1 ration) or coconut chips for orchids) then a 10cm tall pot and a...
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    A Beginner's Heliamphora Thread

    You can use a cheap fogger/mister or spray by hand (a lot), you can get great little foggers off ebay for about $5-10Au, so less in US dollar, they do use a lot of power for their size but they will work in an area as large as a 3ft tank, and when coupled with a small cpu fan they have a...
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    A Beginner's Heliamphora Thread

    I have a coupe minors in the greenhouse, they like a lot of light (full sun from 9-4 through beige 50% shade cloth), high humidity (70%+ is best) and good air circulation, temp wise my plants cop as high as 40C and have no problems.
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    Looking for input for a new humidifier

    I have found these amazing http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/12-LED-Ultrasonic-Mist-Maker-Fogger-Water-Fountain-Pond-/290683586569?pt=AU_Pet_Supplies&hash=item43ae178809 they are small, cheap, last longer than the $60-120 ones from the pet stores here (repti-fogger), and one unit will easily do a...
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    I thought capsaicin was a pest DETERRANT!

    Birds don't have all that many (if any) taste buds so the burn of the spice wouldn't hurt most, we readily have birds eating chillies off the bushes, unaffected. lavender is a good deterrent for an array of things, mint also works well for me in regard to certain insects, lavender is also...
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    How do YOU grow your plants?

    I have a greenhouse (just made a new bigger one from the last) 5/4/3M shade cloth with automated misters for Neps, a couple heli, orchids and misc (like hoya), then a sidturned 4.5ft/2.5ft/2.5ft tank for pings and drosera. 250-300L ponds (x 5) (utrics, random aquatics and aldrovanda) 2 human...
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    looking for Drosera petiolaris

    I'd go to Allen lowrie, he has several petiolaris varient seed, as well as plenty of other pet-complex members, also his seed is the real thing (as opposed to some ebay seed I have brought and ended up with capensis and spathulata) and the seed i have got off him germinated within 2-3weeks for...
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    Adelae repotting questions and sundew ID

    Small adelae often have oval leaves, your mystery drosera (that an image would make easier) could just be an adelae off shoot or seedling, also adelae are pretty tough plants, breaking a few roots won't do much providing they were healthy, you can also use the broken bits as cuttings, they are...