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    Nepenthes new leaf discolouration and misshape

    Hi guys. Has any of you seen this before ? The newest leaves on a nepenthes have some pale discolouration, also the leaves are smaller and slightly misshaped. The photos probably don’t show very well. Would it be some kind of nutrient deficiency or pest/disease attack? Thanks
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    Heliamphora help and advice

    Hi guys, I am new to growing heliamphora and I would appreciate some help. I recently got some tissue culture H. nutans and H. heterodoxa x minor. 1 week after planting out I found many of them are yellowing or browning, I keep them in the closed domes under bright artificial light (the light is...
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    Nepenthes leave rot

    Hi ! Can anybody identify the problem shown in the photos ? Is it a kind of disease or does it look like fertiliser burn? I didn’t fertilise it but I put some moss that contains slow realised fertiliser on top of the originally moss in some pots by mistake ( Can’t even sure if this pot was one...