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    U. Nephrophylla flowering!

    Well. my U. Nephrophylla has also decided to flower! It has got 2 flower stems wich just seemed to apear from no where, I didn't even notice them until they were 2 inches tall! I know I will see the flowers on these as it flowered once for me a couple of years ago. I will be busy taking pics...
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    Bird of Paradise

    Ive had one of these for about 4 years now. I rescued it from my local garden centre for an amazing cheap price (same as a can of pop!!!) The plant is now growing strongly and is about 1.5 feet tall. Any ideas how long this will take to flower? I know seeds can take 10 years before the plant is...
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    Drosera sp Megaliesburg

    I have had this plant in my collection for a few years now. I recently saw a plant called D. Nidiformis. The plants were identical in size, gland colouration and leaf shape. I was just wondering if the plant had had its name changed.
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    U. Tricolor flowering!!!!

    For the first time ever I have got flower stalks on my U. Tricolor. I put the pot in deeper water this year as its amphibious so I think that is responsible for the outburst! The stalks are incredibaly thin! I'll post pics when they open!
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    VFT \'south west giant\'

    I just bought one of these suckers of Mike King (thanks!) and was just wondering what kinda size the mature plant gets? I have never really seen this plant in full growth and I havent seen any photo's.
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    Ok, Ive just put up my new greenhouse but I still dont have enough CP's to fill 2 greenhouses, and until I have completely paid for my holliday to Majorca I can't afford to buy anymore! I was looking through the seed section at my local garden centre for something easy, quick and cheap to fill...
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    Does anyone grow Polypompholyx multifida?(sorry 'Utricularia' multifida'!) I have seeds of it and the white form of P. Tenella but am unsure of there requirements.
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    Overseas trading

    Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to send a plant (Sarracenia) from the UK to America? Ive never really tried a proper international trade before and was wondering how I should go about it or where I can get the proper info. Many thanks, Richard.
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    ok, here goes! please be patient! S.Alata 'red lid' x Flava S.Flava var Rugelii S.Alata 'red lid' x Flava var rubricorpora S.Psittacina f. Heterophylla & S.Psittacina typical S.Flava var Cuprea S.Flava var Ornata S.Oreophila S.Minor x Alata S x Moorei Forgot to add this one!!! All...