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  1. fly-catchers

    Is Av8tor1 still around?

    Hi, Is Butch Av8tor1 still around anyone know? Cheers bill
  2. fly-catchers

    Cause of black in Nepenthes stem?

    Is there any key reasons why a Nepenthes stem goes black and rots in the stem? My N. burbidgeae had been growing well and pitchering through the summer. When the next leaf appeared it looked ok apart from the growing tip which looked dried out. There was a slug slime trail over it. I wasn't too...
  3. fly-catchers

    How well does hairy hamata respond to rooting?

    I have a 9 year old hairy hamata which while growing fairly well has not pitchered for some time. As it had been in the compost for quite a while and I have been having issues with others plants where I think the compost has outstayed its welcome decided to repot. I carefully unpotted the plant...
  4. fly-catchers

    Trying to combat root rot and failing :(

    For a few years now I have been losing neps quite regulary where the roots on examining are very wirey black and dead. And often the dieback extends into the base of the plant. Healthy nep roots I find are black, thicker with micro hairs on them and white caps to the ends. I keep losing plants...
  5. fly-catchers

    Death toll continues...

    Lost my big 22 year old H. nutans and another helia hybrid yesterday. And today my big and beautiful H. ceracea shrivelled and curled up dead! One of my favorites and only a week ago when it looked fine feared its demise. As I have lost so many favorites and older plants will not continue...
  6. fly-catchers

    Goodbye Heliamphora RIP

    Well the bulk of my collection of adult Heli are now dead! All suffering from wrinkled soft shrivelled growth. And mostly with a dead section of the rhizome making cuttings impossible. Started off slowly a few weeks back and has accelerated since. Ironically I repotted and divide a few "healthy"...
  7. fly-catchers

    Grr Its time for the autumn Sudden Death season

    For some reason I am now finding that the start of autumn is when my plants start to keel over! :( Last week my big nutans giant collapsed along with another tequila! Them today I find my big woody tatei going limp & shrivelled. NOOOOO! Both the nutans & tequila were completely rotten at...
  8. fly-catchers

    Why do some wistuba Heli never seem to go beyond junvenile stage?

    Why do some wistuba Heli never seem to go beyond juvenile stage? I have been growing Heli from Wistuba since 1997 but have found some clones (for me at least) never progress well. My hispida never did and got smaller. Yet another clone from elsewhere moved to adult growth quickly. My 10 year...
  9. fly-catchers

    Summer Neps pics

    Hi, A few shots from my neps house: A mix of my N. maxima x truncata (EP) & N. maxima x ventricosa (BE) N. burkei N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana N. maxima (BE) originally sold as N. eymae N. maxima (BE) cheers bill
  10. fly-catchers

    Some Heli photos

    After a never ending winter, no spring and late summer it is finally warming up! Here are a few shots taken today of a few of my neglected and in some cases aphid attacked Heli!! H. minor var. pilosa H. hispida. Recovering from Sudden death syndrome & aphids! H. exappendiculata...
  11. fly-catchers

    Never ending winter! :(

    I think in 26 years of growing CP's this current winter has been the worse and longest! Lost more plants particulary Neps & Heli this time around than any other period. And whats depressing is that these losses include many tough as old boot plants. A fair few EP hybrids and today found my big...
  12. fly-catchers

    Organic Matters- Short Sarracencia film

    A short film shot last summer amongst the American Sarracenia pitcher plants growing in my English garden! For best results in HD view via vimeo site.
  13. fly-catchers

    More Sudden Death Heli!

    Not too good a winter so far with a mix of young and old Heli collapsing quickly over night. Lost my two H. purpurascens, a younger H. exappendiculata went today. And a couple of H. hispida & H. pulchella a week or so back. With more to follow I expect! Typical symtoms are of pitcher growth...
  14. fly-catchers

    A look behind the scenes at the Nepenthes House Kew Gardens London- video

    Hi, Here is a short film I shot at this years CPS/Kew open day. It shows the Nepenthes section of the Tropical Nursery at Kew. This is the area that is not open to the public apart from certain days each year. cheers bill
  15. fly-catchers

    Some Autumn Neps!

    Hi, Before winter comes along and spoils everything here are a few autumn shots! N. vogelii N. Ovata (MT clone) N. Ovata (BE clone) N. platychila. Its first pitcher since "dieing last winter" and coming back from a cutting! N. lowii x truncata EP cross. N...
  16. fly-catchers

    Late summer Heli!

    Hi, Just before winter kicks in and I have to dig out the heaters and close the house up- here are a few shots of some Heli enjoying a rare glimpse of September sun! H. minor (Auyan Tepui) H. minor BG Munich-clone H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina) H. glabra H. purpurascens...
  17. fly-catchers

    Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

    Hi, Just a short video I did at this years Hampton Court Flower Show. It features some of the plants in the main marque includings CP's of course! My first attempt at putting together a video so I do hope to get better! :) cheers bill
  18. fly-catchers

    Fingers crossed for my N. villosa!

    Finally decided to bite the bullet and repot my big old N. villosa! Its been in its old compost too long and also got jammed in its home in the greenhouse. I should have done it a few years back as the leaves are looking more stressed than I like and pitchering as been few and far between these...
  19. fly-catchers

    Grrr Birds destroy Heli's!

    Got up this morning and found my entire collection of Heli smashed along the floor of my greenhouse! :( Some had been uprooted from their pots and several are without growing points now. I had suspected birds when I saw a couple of younger plants outside their pots near the open door of the...
  20. fly-catchers

    A few Neps and even an Heli!

    Hi, Here are a few shots from today. N. maxima (mini form) N. fusca Flared peristrome form. N. burbidgeae MT clone N. spectabilis x aristolochioides EP clone H. folliculata (murusipan) H. folliculata (murusipan) flowers H. folliculata (murusipan) flowers H...