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  1. Hans Breuer

    To Borneo and Back Again - And Wrote A Book About It

    Hello all, until about 10 years ago, I was quite active in this forum. At the time, I lived in Taiwan and had a greenhouse with ca. 300 Nepenthes on my garage top. In 2007 I attended the Sarawak Nepenthes Summit in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo (see also my related posts), which triggered...
  2. Hans Breuer

    New year, new macros

    Happy New Year - may it sparkle and dazzle and be as healthy and prosperous as these little beauties!
  3. Hans Breuer

    Some sundew macros

    The pix are a bit on the large side, so here are the links: Drosera burmannii 'Beerwah Queensland' D. intermedia "California Sunset" D. madagascariensis and D. binata Skeeter Hell D. prolifera Happy Holidays!
  4. Hans Breuer

    Looking for tropical drosera

    I'm looking to trade/steal/receive as a gift the sundews listed below. I have >90 Nepenthes to trade for them. affinis aliciae banksii binata v. multifida binata v. Marston Dragon" burkeana burmannii red capillaris - 'long arm form' capillaris - tropical form collinsiae falconeri hamiltonii...
  5. Hans Breuer

    Borneo Drosera

    Are there any other drosera species in Borneo apart from burmannii and spathulata? Thanks TT
  6. Hans Breuer

    List of all tropical drosera?

    Is there a comprehensive list of all tropical drosera somewhere? Thanks! Hans
  7. Hans Breuer

    Cephalotus macro shots

    I find cephalotus a very rewarding subject for macro shots. The vivid colors, the hairs, the surrounding moss, the translucent lids...
  8. Hans Breuer

    Confession by way of a few macro shots

    Hi everyone, bad news: I've gone astray and flirted with the neighbors' wives. Apart from Nepenthes, I now have a whole stable of sundews as well as two cephalotus. Why? Last week I came home with my newly purchased 105 mm macro lens, all gung-ho to take some real close close-ups of my D...
  9. Hans Breuer

    A few neps for trade

    If you want to trade these directly, please mail me: hansbr at giga dot net dot tw ventricosa x TM x "Ile de France" mirabilis x khasiana ventricosa x khasiana large merrilliata merrilliata large thorelii large I'm also looking for N. mikei (medium-large to large)
  10. Hans Breuer

    New Website: Snakes of Taiwan

    Hi everyone, my little snake site project has now finally come to fruition. It's neither pretty nor cleverly designed, but utterly utilitarian; however, my original goal was to provide something currently not yet in existence: a web page providing quick references, photos and links to further...
  11. Hans Breuer

    Banded Krait behind the house

    Two days ago, I ran into the first Taiwan Banded Krait of my life, just up the road behind our house. Luckily (for me) it was roadkill. But what a sight! I had a tough time getting our four dogs away from the carcass - touching the teeth can still provide a nasty surprise for a short while after...
  12. Hans Breuer

    Amazing Centipede Videos!

    Not for the squeamish: here's a video of a giant Brazilian scolopender killing and eating a mouse. And you thought your truncatas were awesome... And this one (from some nature show) shows another hundred-legged Goliath duking it out with a tarantula. Good Stuff!!
  13. Hans Breuer

    New CP Book

    For those of you who don't habla Germanskiy, here's a new translation of a very good German book that came out last year. BTW, two of Prof. Barthlott's students (Katja Rembold and Ulrike Bauer) gave talks on various aspects of Nepenthes at the Nep Summit in Sarawak.
  14. Hans Breuer

    Sarawak Nepenthes Summit 2007 - Recaps

    Hi everyone anyone interested in photo reports on the Sarawak Nepenthes Summit 2007 can now check out these threads over on the pitcher-plant.com forum. Keep checking back for more in the following weeks, as the two-week post-conference hike through various National Parks hasn't ended yet :-)...
  15. Hans Breuer

    Nepenthes potpourri

    The Strawberry Strangler aristo x khasiana x "Facile Koto" [(x mastersiana) x thorelii] x "Red Dragon" thorelii x truncata Ol' Yeller ventricosa x (dubia x singalana) thorelii x ventricosa mikei densiflora tentaculata x talangensis x Rokko
  16. Hans Breuer

    Hornet on ventricosa x macfarlanei

  17. Hans Breuer


    sibuyanensis x macfarlanei sibuyanensis maxima x mira x medusa (bellii x sibuyanensis)
  18. Hans Breuer

    A few Early Summer Nepenthes

    Too dang hot and humid 'round these parts, and I'm too blah to post them here all over again. So go look for yerseff: Set One Set Two Thankyekindly.
  19. Hans Breuer


    Anyone have any of these for sale/trade? Please write me at hansbr at giga dot net dot tw bellii x mixta bellii x spectabilis bicalcarata x spectabilis densiflora x truncata eymae x veitchii khasiana x sibuyanensis maxima x spectabilis Rokko x spectabilis sibuyanensis x talangensis thorelii x...