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  1. Goofzilla

    Vining Green Plant With Marron/Red Flowers (?)

    Hey guys, I've had this vining plant that has medium sized leaves - with almost a fuzzy texture. Very fine though. It's very hardy and blooms a couple times a year - tube shaped flowers that are a dark maroon, and when they open up a brilliant bright red. They look similar to the 'dynamite...
  2. Goofzilla

    Some type of tropical?

    I got this plant a few weeks ago and have finally decided to try and figure out what it is! It's a fast grower & I like it's looks. And ideas? Thanks a lot!
  3. Goofzilla

    Recent Home Depot Find

    Hey guys, I walked into the Home Depot for some LFS & they had a couple plants. Decent size, so I picked them up. I think they're mirandas right? Also: don't mind the camera's time-stamp. I've got to get that fixed. ??? Thanks!
  4. Goofzilla

    Recent Neps From FlyTrapShop

    Hello, I recently got a few neps from FlyTrapShop/adnedarn/Andrew. From left to right: ventricosa, rafflesiana, madagascariensis. They seemed to have come in great condition! Also, don't mind the time stamp... I've got to get that fixed! ??? Thanks for looking. Mike~
  5. Goofzilla

    New N. miranda

    Hey guys, I just got this one on the 17th. I really like it! It came from Adnedarn/Andrew Don't mind the camera's time-stamp! I've got to get that fixed. :nono: Thanks for checking it out!
  6. Goofzilla

    A couple pics of my neps.

    Hey guys - I though I'd post a few photos! I look forward to seeing how these plants look in the future . A note: Most of these guys are brand new, so they are still adjusting. Also: These were all taken on September 10th 2008- the time on the camera is messed up, somehow. My Nepenthes List...
  7. Goofzilla

    A few pictures (Orchid flowering)

    Hey guys - I thought I'd post a few pictures. This is my Dgmra Flying High Pacific Paradise. It's starting to bloom! Also: Don't mind the time stamp. These were taken today.
  8. Goofzilla

    Please Help I.D. Interesting Plant

    I've had this plant for several years, and have finally decided to ask what the heck it is! It sure is a good grower, and generally always has several blooms of flowers. Thanks for the help!
  9. Goofzilla

    Goofzilla's Humble Grow List

    Dionaea muscipula: -dentate Drosera: -capensis 'All Red' -capensis 'All Green' -spatulata -binata Pinguicula *Under Construction* Nepenthes: - N. "Red Leopard" (+ basal) - N. Judith Finn - N. ventricosa (x2 - one's female) - N. sanguinea - N. madagascariensis - N. jacquelineae - N. diatas...
  10. Goofzilla

    Drosera oblanceolata question

    Hello everyone, A friend of mine has bought me a couple plants for my birthday. She won't tell me exactly where they were bought, but that's besides the point. ??? Anywho, I was e-mailed the list of plant names, and I think I know how to care for them all - except for this one: Drosera...
  11. Goofzilla

    Insect Holes?

    Hey, all- I have recently planted this S. purpurea in my mini-tote-bog. Today, I have noticed several holes in the smaller pitcher of the purpurea. I presume it will be fine, but want to double check. I can't see anything wrong with the other plant in the mini-bog- a S. Judith Hindle. However...
  12. Goofzilla

    Spare 40 Gallon

    Hello, I have this spare 40 gallon breeder tank, and don't have anything to put in it. I've been thinking of mantids, a colony of ants... turtles, crested geckos... but I can't decide! Does anyone know of any generally easy-to-care for animals that would do well in this situation? Thanks!
  13. Goofzilla

    Identifiy this plant?

    I just got this from a friend whom has no idea what it is. (The pink flowered one) It has thorns on the stalk (Sorry, my camera died after this photo- I have to get some AA batts.) I would have gotten better photos. If anyone has an idea of what this is it would be greatly appreciated...
  14. Goofzilla

    My new mini-bog

    Hey, Well, I just made this mini-bog, which is just a tub that I drilled a couple holes on the bottom, and a couple holes on the sides. I put a small layer of LFS, and sand on the bottom, with a thick layer of Ppat and some sand, then another laye rof LFS on top. I just got this little Judith...
  15. Goofzilla

    S. Lady-Bug

    Hello, I recieved this plant about a week ago. I just wanted to make sure that this seems to be doing okay, and if not if there is anything I can do? I am new to CP's, and when I got this plant, it looked like this- it had brown on the hoods, and no appearant 'healthy-pitcher' which I am not...
  16. Goofzilla

    Bog Garden Plan

    Hello, I've been thinking of creating a small mini-bog garden for a sunny location in my yard. I like the concept of being able to have several plants fit in a conatiner, and not having seperate trays, or trays at all, for that matter. Anyway, firstly, would this container work for a bog...
  17. Goofzilla

    When to move?

    Hello, I've gotten a S. purpurea a couple weeks ago. I put it in a partial-shade spot, outside. The next morning, I a-rose to find a S. purpurea on the brick patio, and a cup of sand, and peat on the patio, as well. I presume this to be a sneaky act of either a squirrel, or a racoon. So I was...
  18. Goofzilla

    My Grow List

    D. capensis D. spatulata D. adelae P. primuliflora N. sanguinea S. purpurea S. 'Lady-Bug' S. Judith Hindle U. whelwitchii U. livida U. warburgii Typical VFT Looking for any Sarracenia's - will work out something.Please contact I also keep several cacti, and succulents inculuding several Jade...
  19. Goofzilla

    New Nep & perhaps some advice?

    Hello, I just got this guy. It was labled as: N. sanguinea, and It was 100% dry. They had some others with pitchers, but they were brown. So I picked up this one, and re-planted it in some moist LFS & drained some water through it. Can anyone tell me if they think this will make it? Any...
  20. Goofzilla

    Looking for any Utricularia's

    Hello, I've only been in this hobby for a few weeks, and I am already addicted. I've been looking for any Utrics, latley & was wondering if anyone could share a small plug with me, of something- preferably something generally 'simple'- especially considering i'm quite new to this! I am happy...