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  1. FloridaCP

    Looking For (To Buy) Nepenthes gracilis varieties/hybrids

    Don't mind trading. I'll have to update my growlist. Is there anything in particular you are looking for both within Nepenthes and outside of it? Do you also happen to have a photo of the red form?
  2. FloridaCP

    Looking For (To Buy) Nepenthes gracilis varieties/hybrids

    Hi all, I'm looking for different and unusual Nepenthes gracilis varieties or hybrids. I don't see it around too often but I've been trying to get my hands on another N. gracilis 'Bau Black' as well. I'm located in the US. Thanks!
  3. FloridaCP

    Dischidia major

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to locate some Dischidia major for some time and never find anyone selling this species. Also interested in other Dischidias as well. Thanks! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. -Leif
  4. FloridaCP

    Fresh Nepenthes seed giveaway!

    1.)Dexenthes <3 2.) hcarlton 3.) Eric_N Thank you, Zu! o3o 4.) Knuckles - 5.) RandyS Thank You, Zu and Dexenthes! 6.) Fatbunny - big thank you both of you! 7.) ps3isawesome - thank you so much! beautiful plant 8.) That One Guy THANKS Zu! 9.) Incognito - Thanks for both of you! 10.)jwalker -...
  5. FloridaCP

    Any experience with U. arenaria

    Cthulhu138, you hit it right on the head. I've been extremely wary of those sellers and their seeds. That one had been taunting me a bit as I never see anyone with that species available. It usually says something when someone is only selling TEN seeds from a plant that pours out hundreds of...
  6. FloridaCP

    Any experience with U. arenaria

    Yeah, I would definitely choose the plug over the seeds but the seeds are the only choice that is available at the moment. :/
  7. FloridaCP

    Any experience with U. arenaria

    Has anyone had any experience with growing Utricularia arenaria from seed? I know there's mixed reviews with starting Utrics from seed, but I have also heard that arenaria is a weedy species so perhaps it won't be much of an issue with this species. Any info will be greatly appreciated!
  8. FloridaCP

    U. alpina - for postage

    1.afrodisa 2.Pearldiver Many thanks! Edit, I would like the optional D. prolifera. Uh, in addition, of course. 3. KNepenthe 4. patrickntd - Many thanks. I support the paying forward idea. I like the D. prolifera too. 5. Tacks – Cheers! 6. Subrosa - Thanks! 7. NatchGreyes - Awesome Giveaway! 8...
  9. FloridaCP

    Hey! Just got the notification that you tried to send me a message. Cleared out some messages.

    Hey! Just got the notification that you tried to send me a message. Cleared out some messages.
  10. FloridaCP

    Nepenthes 'Rokko' aka Wolfplant Cuttings Giveaway!

    Small amount of roots showing up on the healthy cuttings along with buds opening now. Even the rough looking cuttings are beginning to start bud growth- not even going to attempt pulling those guys up yet.
  11. FloridaCP

    LF North American Sundews

    The filiformis seeds never took off for you? They are pretty much in all of my outdoor pots as beautiful weeds. Let me know if you don't get a hold of any filiformis. I'll send you some plants if you can't get a hold of it.
  12. FloridaCP

    Looking for Utrics, have Ant Plants to trade

    Anything ever result from this?
  13. FloridaCP

    Utrics for trade

    Interested in some Platystele umbellata for some Utricularia pubescens?
  14. FloridaCP

    Sorry about that, cleared.

    Sorry about that, cleared.
  15. FloridaCP

    u. graminifolia flowers

    wow, those definitely did do well for ya! Bravo.
  16. FloridaCP

    Spring time's a coming!

    That's some dedication! Kudos for all the work you put in. I've been seeing quite a few of my plants coming out of dormancy here in Central Florida. I feel like sometimes I'm drowning trying to keep my tropicals warm in winter and then I hear from members like you and realize I've got it...
  17. FloridaCP

    How did you get into CP's?

    I think my interests stems from a fascination with plant oddities. I'd always been intrigued by plants when growing up but I think when I started high school I really started to get into them. I was really amazed by bizarre and unusual plants, plants that had weird flowers, or even interesting...
  18. FloridaCP

    Small division Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane Creek, AL for postage (US only)

    1. Brassleaves, thanks for the generous offer! 2. Ambanja - Love those green Leucos! Thanks! 3. Incognito - Thanks! 4. Nickz123 - I would love the chance to grow this 5. Salgadoxx8- hope i win it for my mom's graden, tryna get her into CPs, thanks! 6. Captdonaldduc, Thanks for the give away ...
  19. FloridaCP

    N. pulchra seed

    1. Cthulhu138 - Thanks 2. Mato - Huge giveaway, Dex! 3. Heli- Thanks man! 4. charlie-thanks for the give away 5. Incognito - Thanks! 6. Ambanja - Thanks!! one of my very favorite plants 7. Huntsmanshorn - Muchas gracias mi amigo 8. Pebes- Thanks! 9. East_to_west - Cheers! 10. catrus TY! 11...