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  1. FloridaCP

    Looking For (To Buy) Nepenthes gracilis varieties/hybrids

    Hi all, I'm looking for different and unusual Nepenthes gracilis varieties or hybrids. I don't see it around too often but I've been trying to get my hands on another N. gracilis 'Bau Black' as well. I'm located in the US. Thanks!
  2. FloridaCP

    Dischidia major

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to locate some Dischidia major for some time and never find anyone selling this species. Also interested in other Dischidias as well. Thanks! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. -Leif
  3. FloridaCP

    Any experience with U. arenaria

    Has anyone had any experience with growing Utricularia arenaria from seed? I know there's mixed reviews with starting Utrics from seed, but I have also heard that arenaria is a weedy species so perhaps it won't be much of an issue with this species. Any info will be greatly appreciated!
  4. FloridaCP

    Looking for Steve Stewart

    Hey everyone, I figured this would actually be a pretty good place to try and get some info. Some of you may or may not know Steve Stewart, but he was a pretty active grower of carnivorous plants. He's written a few articles for the ICPS publication and was well versed in CP's. I met with him in...
  5. FloridaCP

    D. kaieteurensis and D. filiformis 'red' seed trade for Utricularia

    Hey everyone! I've got about 25+ Drosera kaieteurensis seeds and plenty of Drosera filiformis 'red' seeds(fast growers) available for trade. I've had really good results with germinating both of these. I'm in search of any cool Utrics that I don't have yet(growlist) Thanks! FloridaCP
  6. FloridaCP

    Brood II cicadas

    I was wondering if anyone on this forums is located in the areas where the brood II cicadas will be emerging on the East coast of the US in the next month or so? I was looking to acquire some samples for an entomology lab. I know these come out in the billions and don't have the time to drive up...
  7. FloridaCP

    Utricularia calycifida light levels

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could clarify on light levels for U. calycifida. I know a few places have said they like lower light levels but how low is "low". What direction window would you grow them in? Any direct sunlight at all? Or if I was growing them under fluorescent lighting, how...
  8. FloridaCP

    differences between D. intermedia and D. capillaris

    I was wondering if anyone could provide a sure fire way of distinguishing whether or not it is a D. intermedia and D. capillaris. Please keep in mind I live in Florida where we supposedly have some weird varieties of D. capillaris that resemble D. intermedia, long skinny petioles, size, etc...
  9. FloridaCP

    trade for Utricularia sandersonii

    Looking for Utricularia sandersonii. Preferably the regular form but wouldn't mind the blue form either. Within the US please. I've got the following up for trade if you're interested. Thanks everyone! Divisions: Drosera capillaris Stylidium debile* Utricularia graminifolia* Utricularia...
  10. FloridaCP

    FloridaCP's growlist

    Hey everyone. I finally got around to typing up a list for you all. I'm pretty sure I got everything but not 100% sure. Also keep in mind I work in a greenhouse where we've got over 300 species of plants ranging from orchids, ferns, tropical fruits, cactus, ethnobotanicals and more. So if you're...
  11. FloridaCP

    hello from Florida!!

    Hi everyone! After a long time procrastinating I have finally joined this amazing community. :-D -Leif