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  1. Andenes

    Newbie questions.

    Hey everyone. It's been years since I last posted here...I think. Anyway, I'm sure your all very tired from hearing the same thing, but hear me out: I've always wanted a venus flytrap, but I never had the guts to purchase one. I always thought it'd be quite tedious to own one since I live in...
  2. Andenes

    Name that plant! XD

    Hey ppl! It's been a couple of years since my last post. Other than that let's get down to the topic. :3 The other day I went to the nearby greenhouse cuz' my mum wanted to buy some ornamental ceramic stuff... So long story short: the lady from the greenhouse was giving away what she called an...
  3. Andenes

    Puffer fish

    Hey everyone! It's been a while. ^_^ I recently purchased a dog faced puffer fish and I must say I love it! I love everything about it. Its ugly and unique lol Anyways, the thing is that last night the puffer fish ate my feather duster worm! I was crushed but I couldnt do anything. So I was...
  4. Andenes

    Weird things while transplanting...

    Yesterday I was repotting my N. rafflesiana gigantea(?) and when I took it out of the pot I notice a very very long single root that meassured over 1 feet! (3 times the length of the plant). It freaked me out! I didn't know it had such a long root. This reminded me of that time I repotted my n...
  5. Andenes

    Drawing pad

    Hey guys! As some of you might know, I love drawing. I recently got a drawing program for my pc but it would be alot easier if I could draw on a digital drawing pad. I've heard of these things but I haven't been able to find any in stores. Where can I find any on the web? Sincerely, erick
  6. Andenes


    Hey guys! Listen my big bro wants to buy a camcorder for his graduation but we dont know anything about camcorders x_x sooooo, I was wondering which is the best camcorder at the most affordable price? Thanx!
  7. Andenes


    I need to know by Sunday the following Nepenthes things: 1-Kingdom 2- Filum 3- Class 4- Order 5- Family 6- Scientific name Thanx! I know you pros can do it!
  8. Andenes


    Today I was in an aquarium purchasing some corals. After choosing the ones I wanted I saw some pretty anemonies and I was interested in some. The shop owner told me not to buy anemonies because they can harm corals if in contact with some. Is this true?! o.O Sincerely, Erick
  9. Andenes

    Phoenix down?

    A sad story: o.O Mom killed my coccinea!!!! -_- Aparently mom was cleaning the fence in the backyard with Tilex and she accidently sprayed some on my coccinea! the leaves all started to die out real fast, but after 2 days a leaf started to sprout out of the tip of the mother of all stems...
  10. Andenes

    30 gal light fixture

    Hello everyone! I'm very upset cuz' I can't find any light fixture that can hold up to 2 light tubes for my 30 galon aquarium! Every hood only contains a single light bulb when its perfectly clear that I need two kinds of light for my aquarium so that I can have living coral or anemonies. Where...
  11. Andenes

    Any fertilizer?

    Hey everybody! It's been a while. I have a lil' problem and its that my nepenthes aren't producing pitchers any more, all except the khasiana. Last summer was very harsh in puerto rico and the nepenthes really took it hard. After that they started recovering but non are producing pitchers...
  12. Andenes

    Gundam seed

    By any chance, have any of you guys seen Gundam Seed on Toonami? Cuz I've been searching for the song that Toonami plays for Gundam Seed everytime a comercial comes up. Its a tranquil song. Don't know if its japanese or english. Thanx
  13. Andenes

    Can i?

    Can I put sphagnum moss all around droseras?
  14. Andenes

    No face...

    This has been on my mind ever since I got a membership on these forums and its been buzzing around my head all these years and I can't take it anymore! Why is it that the 90% of the members in these forums don't show their personal photo on the Profiles?! I mean, c'mon! The plants couldn't be...
  15. Andenes


    Yesterday I was boored and I decided to take a few pics of my hole collection. Enjoy. N. Rafflesiana (born in pft) Developing pitcher N. Rafflesiana, N. Sanguinea, N. Khasiana Baby rafflesianas! N. Sanguinea
  16. Andenes

    Which is best suitible?

    I´ve always pondered which nepenthes is best suitible for me. Where I live is hot. I´m talking 80 degrees up everyday. But i water my plants 3 times a day to keep them humid. I have good shade. My plants so far are the n. coccinea, n. khasiana, n. sanguinea, n. rafflesiana, n. ventrata (growing...
  17. Andenes

    Too tall...

    As many of you have seen, I have an n. coccinea, my very first carnivorous plant since last year. Its gotten ALOT bigger and now its practicly hitting the roof of my shed. What shoul i do? I tried leaving it alone to see what happens but she´s getting burned! Weird leaves are sprouting because...
  18. Andenes

    How do you manage?

    How can you keep a straight pitcher without it bending over? I´ve tried everything to keep them standing straight up, but they end up bending after it rains. Normaly the pitchers bent over just die in a matter of days. How can I prevent this?
  19. Andenes

    My coccinea is going nuts!

    I've had my n. x coccinea for over a year and she's never act this way! It started to produce upper pitchers like crazy! Five are already done and four are coming on their way! Is she hungry or what?! Here's the hole plant (try to find the five upper pitchers): (one is hidding behins leaves...
  20. Andenes


    I've been doing some cuttings in my spare time and I've been wondering if I'm doing everything right. I know your supoused to cut the stem, cut the leaves in half and stick the cutting in a pot fill with sphagnum moss to keet it moist and keep the pot inside a bag for humidity.