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    Looking For (To Buy) D. muscipula 'B-52'

    Thanks! Closed
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    It's been a long while

    Hello TF, It's certainly been a long time since I have frequented the site and am hoping that the community has progressed but hopefully not changed too much, especially when it comes to the members! I hope a lot of you long time members are still around and able to get this rusty grower back...
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    Chicago growers

    Hi guys/gals I was hoping some of you Chicago people could give me some tips/pointers/advice regarding the Chicago area. I'll be attending Dental School next fall in Downers Grove and was hoping there would be some places to stay for the duration that aren't too far from the school but also not...
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    N. lowii x campanulata blooming

    Caught a quick peek of this today, looks to be male. Will likely be at least another month+ before any pollen will be ripe but if anyone has any females with blooms in the making please let me know within the next couple weeks otherwise I will be trimming it off. Thanks!
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    Saving Nepenthes hamata

    A very good friend of mine sent me this seed grown N. hamata with the hopes of saving it. After a few weeks of recovery from shipping and some adjusting to the conditions this was what I found last weekend. A very nice added bonus to some dental school interview invitations! :banana2: Looks like...
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    Looking to trade a couple things

    I have a few things I'd like to trade away, if anything catches your interest please shoot me an email: yjrodenas at gmail. com N. truncata x veitchii HL (c) - SG from EP Lavender plant hybrid (rooted and growing from my mother plant, great for tea or pots-pourris). Grows great outdoors in...
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    Alien Nepenthes

    I found this picture floating around on facebook today. The caption was in Italian but from what I understood the photo originates from Urs Zimmerman and the reason for the deformed pitcher is still not understood. Virus perhaps? Very cool looking none the less! Edit: It seems Urs actually made...
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    DIY - Fogger Water Reservoir

    Many of us here have made use of the DIY fogger system in order to increase RH in enclosed growing spaces. Unfortunately depending on your location and/or settings, the water can potentially drain rather quickly. In my experience I have to usually refill a 5 gallon bucket once a day in order to...
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    Large SG N. truncata x veitchii (HL) for trade

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    Ultrasonic Mist Maker (mcmcnair $17)

    For auction is a single disk ultrasonic mist maker. Works great for increasing relative humidity of small growing spaces. Runs quietly and outputs a very cool shroud of mist to keep your air saturated. Sorry USA only Winner pays shipping - NOTE: Power supply is fairly heavy and large and...
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    Lavender plant - Rooted cutting (Fred P $6)

    For auction is a rooted cutting of lavender from my mother plant. This is a hybrid named 'Goodwin Creek'. This plant is VERY easy to grow, grows very quickly and requires no dormancy. The leaves smell great but the blooms are even better! Great outdoors for attracting bees and butterflies in the...
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    Couple Nepenthes snapshots

    Just snapped these shots this evening and figured I would share! Hope you enjoy! N. truncata x ovata (new pitcher/colored up) N. lowii x truncata, such a stunning cross N. lowii x veitchii - Another promising EP cross N. truncata x veitchii - Getting big but not showing much of any...
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    DIY Humidifier

    After some frustration with a cool mist humidifier and some failed make shift wick replacements I decided to put together a make shift humidifier myself using only materials I've had laying around the work bench from past experimentation with peltiers, bog gardens and water buckets. Materials...
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    N. truncata LL coming into bloom

    Hello all, Upon close look of the growing point this morning I noticed that my N. truncata (lowland form) will be coming into bloom in the next month or two. Sex is unknown at the moment but figured I would post and throw some feelers out there if anyone else is noticing any blooms coming up...
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    Unseasonably warm temperatures

    Went to check on the dormant plants that I keep outside today. Thanks to the unseasonably warm temperatures for this time of year (55F last week here in IN :crazy:), the sundews (mainly filiformis) seem to be thinking that they are back in FL and are throwing out the first leaves of the season...
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    location specific D. rotundifolia for dew aficionados

    For SASE are some D. rotundifolia seeds freshly harvested this week. The species itself is nothing uncommon but what is special about this plant is it's origin. These come from a local fen (IN) used by my University for education and research and I was fortunate enough to obtain permission to...
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    SASE: fresh Nepenthes campanulata x truncata seeds

    I will have some freshly harvested N. campanulata x truncata seeds in route this week from pollen that I sent out some months ago. While I plan on keeping some for myself I also would like to find a few extra Nepenthes growers (preferably with a fair amount of experience) to give these a try...
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    SASE: Rooted Nepenthes cutting

    Long, well rooted cutting (~2 ft) of a seedgrown N. mirabilis (sex unknown). It has made pitchers 6-8 inches tall with deep beautiful purple pitchers under appropriate lighting. Just post below if interested, paypal preferred to pay for shipping. Keep in mind this likely won't fit in a small...
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    Sarracenia seeds -- Create your own DroseraBug $20

    For bid is a create your own cross of Sarracenia seeds. Winner of this auction will receive a list of my flowering Sarracenia and create a hybrid of their own. You will receive half of the seeds from the cross and likely seeds from other various crosses I plan on making this year. I will do my...
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    S. x ahlesii catrus 25$

    For bid is dark form of S. x ahlesii. This is a hybrid between S. alata and S. rubra. I will get a picture tomorrow when the sun is out of the actual plant. It is currently emerging from dormancy and has no pitchers but puts on a nice show during the growing season with some dark pitchers. USA...