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  1. JMN16150

    Happy Birthday TheZ_yo

    Happi B-day!������
  2. JMN16150

    Drosera hamiltonii won't grow right

    It's been growing in the same conditions for quite some time. I'll pot it in a deeper pot, although i think low humidity is the culprit. Thank you
  3. JMN16150

    Drosera hamiltonii won't grow right

    My D. hamiltonni is grown at my windowsill(not sure what direction it faces) but it isn't growing its leaves properly. It would form a leaf but fail to produce tentacles and grow another leaf. Is this normal is hamiltonii behavior? It receives bright light, watered by tray method, and is kept...
  4. JMN16150

    Share Your Brocchinia!

    Well done guys, the B. reducta look awesome and gorgeous. Are you planning on pollinating yours, Cthulhu?
  5. JMN16150

    Utricularia, section Orchidioides - info sharing & discussion

    My U. alpina x endresii grew a tuber! Does this mean it enjos it's current growing conditions or it just wanted to form a tuber? Please excuse the crappy quality, didn't feel like getting the better cameras out.
  6. JMN16150

    Free for one NASC donor or bidder: Choice of several

    1. Acro 2. SFLguy thanks for the opportunity! Do all the Passiflora give fruit? 3. thez_yo 4. Not a Number - thanks, non-CPs! 5. patrickntd - Thank you! 6. hcarlton 7. Sanguineous 8. JMN16150 -Thank You for hosting this kind, awesome giveaway!
  7. JMN16150

    Ping strikes - How large do the need to be before you can safely mail out?

    A person I've ordered always shipped pinguiculas to me(depending on species) from the size of a dime(smaller species like debbertiana and such) to a quarter(larger species like moranensis and gigantea) and they've arrived in times of cold and heat just fine, a bit damaged, but TLC will make any...
  8. JMN16150

    Did I just lose P. debbertiana?

    Thank you for the suggestion Not a Number, it makes me sort of sad to lose such a cute, tiny ping. Any idea what it was? Center-to-edge disease?
  9. JMN16150

    Did I just lose P. debbertiana?

    hello TF, my P. debbertiana has gone dormant and making new succulent leaves, but all of a sudden, the new green leaves in the center has turned black over night. I'm afraid that I might have loss P. debbertiana. I will post pictures soon, but does anyone know what to do in this scenario? Thank...
  10. JMN16150

    Orchidioides Flowers

    That is quite an eye catcher, the slight tinge of purple is very pleasant and really attractive:)
  11. JMN16150

    Tea cup orchid questions

    I think jwalker meant the black part of the stem:3 I have the same problem with wondering if I should cut off the black part of the stem too. Oh and jwalker, if you pot yours in bark and perlite, let me know if your phal drops some leaves please.