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  1. Brolloks

    Mystery Drosera

    Oh wow. Thanks Tanukimo. I will have to make a plan with cooling as it spring here already and temperatures are heating up fast.
  2. Brolloks

    Mystery Drosera

    Hi Everyone, I bought a few seeds from the seed-bank and what was labeled as Pinguicula turned out to be a Drosera. I have never seen this species before, so I am a bit in the dark as to which it is and how to grow it. I have got a sneaky suspicion that it might require cool temperatures or at...
  3. cp2.jpg


  4. Brolloks

    Roridula photos

    Thanks all. Organic fly catcher.
  5. Brolloks

    Unidentified Mexican ping

    I will post some photos of the flower. If it stays unidentified, that's ok as well.
  6. Brolloks

    Roridula photos

    Hi all, I bought some Roridula seeds last year which were labelled R. dentata. I treated them with smoke primer for 24 hours and put the seeds in peat pots with a mix of peat moss and silica sand. To my surprise 5 seeds germinated and little Roridula's started to grow standing on my glass table...
  7. Brolloks

    Unidentified Mexican ping

    Bought this one a while back without any label on it. Replanted it a month ago in a pure mineral based substrate.
  8. Brolloks

    Roridula dentata germination

    I germinated 5 dentata seeds last year and the 5 plants are still alive today. I tested my seeds by treating them with GA3 and Kirstenbosch smoke primer for 24 hours to see which would germinate, they all did. My seeds were very fresh and I sowed them in Autumn. I actually have some seeds left...
  9. Brolloks

    A new place for meeting photos!

    Sounds like a good time.
  10. Brolloks

    A new place for meeting photos!

    Amazing plants you all have there! Were they just for display or did you guys sell or swap them out amongst each other? PS. That Burmannii is Huge! What do you feed that thing, chickens? :0o:
  11. Brolloks

    Good starter CP's for TC?

    That's good to know, thanks. Will make a note of that.
  12. Brolloks

    Good starter CP's for TC?

    Awesome! Why exactly a pressure cooker though? Can't you simply boil the equipment in water?
  13. Brolloks

    Lets talk about selling on TerraForums (classifieds system)

    Hi adnedarn, I am guessing the sales can include seed as well and not only plants. If so would international sales of seeds be allowed? Thanks!
  14. Brolloks

    Good starter CP's for TC?

    Hey Masdevallia, how is you lab coming along?
  15. Brolloks

    Good starter CP's for TC?

    Very interesting post. I have actually been keen on starting my own TC setup but don't have the time or space at the moment. So far I have just been doing research on the subject. Let us know how your setup turns out Masdevallia
  16. Brolloks

    Drosera regia

    You gotta watch out for Satan. He strikes when you least expect it :jester:
  17. Brolloks

    My regia has flowered

    Beautifully grown DJ! Shadowtski My Regia are in the same boat, they just don't seem bothered to grow any larger even though I have them in large sized pots.
  18. Brolloks

    Help! why did one of my regia died?

    Looks similar to when my almost died :-( I believe mine was getting to much heat on the roots, was in a plastic pot standing in a tray of water in the sun. It is now in a glazed ceramic with live sphagnum on top and I opted for top watering instead of having it sit in a tray of water, it is...
  19. Brolloks

    Not for the squeamish

    Wow that is freaky looking :0o: