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  1. NemJones

    Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Germination Log

    The Decades long search has finally been answered. After atleast 12 years of searching, I found a source with Limited Trapa Bicornis Pods. Advertised as LIVE/FRESH, This will be my second attempt at germinating these very unusual and hard to find seeds. Arrival of Pods A...Mutated pod...
  2. NemJones

    Offspring of Mutated Seeds/Fruits?

    This week, I was finally able to find a couple of fruits from a plant that I had been searching for for 8+ years. Unfortunately, I could only get a couple and one of the seeds is slightly deformed. (Ill post a Grow Documentation if they sprout.) I was curious If this mutant seed grows, what the...
  3. NemJones

    Looking For (To Buy) Trapa Bicornis - Bat Nut Availability Questions

    Nearly one decade has passed. This Elusive nut Still proves incredibly difficult to track down. The Moon festival has just passed, and the Asian markets in my town still give me a strange look after asking if they have any of these unusual aquatic nuts. Does anybody have a lead on these? Ive...
  4. NemJones

    When Cacti Attack - Jumping Cholla

    Im sure many of you are aware of the Jumping Cholla, A particularly nasty variety of cacti that have very weak stems, especially on the pups, that grow reverse Barbed spines in staggering numbers. The cacti is known to be a desert nightmare as the pups readily break away from the parent plant...
  5. NemJones

    Euphorbia Obesa - Help Needed

    So two days ago I discovered my beloved Six year old Euphorbia obesa Has begun to rot out of nowhere. The pod like succulent started doing the dreaded "lean" and the entire root system and base of the cactus has completely liquefied. However, the top half of this succulent is still firm and not...
  6. NemJones

    Abandoned Red Paper Wasp Nest

    Lately the wasps have begun nesting. They are back in the shed as usual, building more nests on older colonies a and creating large hexagon cities. Also, in the mailbox, and at the side of the house. However, going to check the smallest of the Nests, I noticed it wasnt there. After...
  7. NemJones

    Utricularia subulata - Carnivorous Flower Stalks?

    About a week ago, I discovered an unidentified utric growing in one of my vacant moss pots, seeming to appear overnight. I have had this pot for months, but 2 shoots mysteriously poke out of the soil, prompting investigation. Seed pods? After waiting for about a week for the...
  8. NemJones

    Unknown Aloe/Succulent ID

    From a turn of recent events, I now have 2 new succulents. One is a jade plant, and the other is some form of aloe that I havent seen before. If you look carefully at the tip of each leaf, you will notice that there is a very sharp spine. It also appears that each leaf...
  9. NemJones

    New Rescue

    I got suckered into getting another orchid from a sad grocery. The flowers really did me in on this one. Gilded Tower Mystic Maze PS- Anyone know what the black spots are? Should I be worried about viruses and introducing it to my other orchids
  10. NemJones

    Returned from Vacation with Rare/Unusual Seed (Martynia Annua)

    While being able to take a special vacation in the past week, I finally find a seed pod that I have been hunting for a good number of years. (Im aware that you can find them for sale online occasionally, but I was just shocked to finally see it in person.) I read about them many years back...
  11. NemJones

    Preserved Nepenthes Pods (Dry.)

    This post is in regard to the members who I talked with about taking nepenthes pods and sarracenia pitchers and drying them so the colors and beauty of said traps would be preserved. I found this on ebay with recipe included. Nepenthes Rafflesiana Dried Pitchers for Decoration X2 | eBay
  12. NemJones

    Russian Thistle ID/Variants?

    The warm weather is finally moving in, turning the frozen tundra back into a desert. Which in turn, signals massive windstorms to sweep down from the mountians. And with those giant wind storms.. Comes hordes of tumbleweeds. It got me wondering though, because I have seen Quite a few...
  13. NemJones

    Death Bin Orchid / Questions

    Upon my nightly scuttle, I happened upon a very nice phalaenopsis. Im a sucker for the Doom-Bin plants at the back of the supermarket. However, I normally never buy orchids because im very skilled at killing them. Also, I dont really know much about them. I currently have a vanilla orchid, but...
  14. NemJones

    Sky on Fire

    Yesterday I was able to catch the most colorful sunset Ive seen in years. These only happen when the clouds and open sky are timed perfectly with the horizon. Not plant related, But im sure a few of you can enjoy these photos.
  15. NemJones

    Overwintering Sarracenia Bare-root

    The dreaded season has returned, and I need to allocate the sarrs into the fridge before they freeze solid. However, this year im going to be fighting for space, so the sarrs will be bare rooted. What is the best way to do this without shocking them, exposing them to fungus, or letting them dry out?
  16. NemJones

    Inter-mixing New T5H0 Bulbs with old ones??

    My Nepenthes chamber has a 2 foot - 4 bulb t5HO light fixture. It looks like 2 of the tubes have blown out, leaving me with a single Blue,(6500K) and a red(3000K). Would It be OK for me to replace the dead ones with brand new bulbs while leaving the old (but working) tubes in? Will it blow a...
  17. NemJones

    Borneo wildfires

    Ive been reading on this a little bit, and they say that the annual fires are normal But I keep seeing news articles popping up that say these ones are getting larger and worse, Destroying more forest than usual. Does anybody know anything else about this? Fires and Smoke in Borneo : Natural...
  18. NemJones

    Show Us Your Lowland Nepenthes Setup!

    The other day I was working with my small 50 gallon terrarium that I use to house my small Lowland plants, however It got me wondering.. What do others use to grow these plants? I know a few growers here have some truly massive plants, such as Nepenthes Rafflesiana And Nepenthes Bicalcarata and...
  19. NemJones

    Nepenthes seedling repotting?

    About two weeks ago, I upgraded my lowland tank to larger T5H0 lights As the King tiger was beginning to demand a larger terrarium and better light. The Attenboroughii seedlings have taken a liking to the environment too, and they Are already growing larger. However, this poses a question...
  20. NemJones

    Nepenthes: Best Fertilizers and Feeding

    Lately, the insect populations have been decreasing as the impending doom of winter looms near. As a result, I see that the grow chambers are in need of more food. My question to those who answer: What fertilizers do you use on your Asian pitchers, and why? Which brand is better for which...