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    For Sale Nepenthes briggsiana for sale! (LIMITED)

    I have up for sale several 3"+ plants of the highly sought after Nepenthes briggsiana. This gorgeous hybrid combines the ease of N. ventricosa with the large, toilet-shaped pitchers of N. lowii. CYBER MONDAY UPDATE: $28 SHIPPED. PM if interested. Unless my pictures are placed out of order...
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    PAID (The Griffin $20) white flowered Pinguicula!

    For you white flowered ping lovers, up for auction is a bundle of one each: Pinguicula gigantea white flower ~2" Pinguicula moranensis var. alba Molango, MX "pure white flower" ~1.5" Pinguicula emarginata Zacapoaxtla, MX "almost pure white flower" ~.5" Pinguicula primuliflora white flower ~.75"...
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    **PAID**(RyanG $19) Pinguicula caerulea seeds 25X

    [US only] I have up 25x of freshly harvested pinguicula caerulea seeds (h:4/6/18). Shipping is $1. Winner pays shipping. Bidding starts at $4.