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  1. bananaman

    How did you get into CP's?

    I just wanted to ask how did you guys get into CP's? For me, I came across a picture of some Nepenthes raffelsiana while researching for a project 5 years ago. I then HAD to try to grow some... So, I read up some on CP's, and decided to grow some. After getting a Drosera spatulata, Nepenthes...
  2. bananaman

    Cephalotus Divisions!

    So around 3 years ago, I got a little Cephalotus for my birthday. It was around 2" in diameter, and only had little tiny baby pitchers. I kept it under a constant 16ON/8OFF lighting cycle, 4" under a single T8 bulb, at 60-80% humidity and temperatures between 68 and 72, with no change in...
  3. bananaman

    Anyone for animals from temporary vernal pools?

    So, if you read the title of this post, you will see that I am talking about animals from vernal pools. What are these crazy things? They include Triops, Fairy Shrimp, Clam Shrimp, and Brine Shrimp. I currently raise Triops. Do any of you raise them? I have some pics that I will post over the...
  4. bananaman

    Anyone grow Hippeastrum (AKA Amaryllis)?

    Do any of you grow Hippeastrum (or Amaryllis)? I currently have a ton, and have created several hybrids of my plants. I currently have 40 or so seed grown ones from well over 100. I've let drought and rot take these, to make plants even easier to care for. These seedlings are of various crosses...
  5. bananaman

    Bananaman's Growlist

    Here is my grow/want list: Drosera capensis X too many to count. peltata X1 burmannii X2 Sarracenia jonesii X1 flava X2 Utricularia bisquamata (limeslide) X2 tricolor (limeslide) X3 NOID X3 humboldtii X1 sandersonii "Blue" X1 Cephalotus follicularis X10 Nepenthes ventricosa X7...
  6. bananaman

    U. reniformis Setup Good?

    Hello everyone! I have recently gotten a reniformis. I have it potted in a 14" net pot with a mix of LFS, orchid bark, and perlite. I'm keeping it drier as it gets established, as per a recommendation in a really old CPN article. Can it be kept like this successfully long term? Do you have any...
  7. bananaman

    Hey There!

    Hello! I'm new to TF but not to CP's. I've been growing them for 4 years or so. I joined TF to learn more about epiphitic Utrics, as other forums I've been on, don't have many members that grow Utrics and post about them. Anyway, see you around!