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    Is this sand safe?

    darn..I knew the free shipping was too tempting.
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    Is this sand safe?

    I am looking to buy some silica sand and I found one at a pretty decent prize but the description makes no sense...it says natural beach sands coarse silica sand. There are no reviews or questions. Is there a way to test if it works? I guess I can grow a generic tomato plant and see if it...
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    Four tier greenhouse

    I have a gardman greenhouse. I highly don't recommend them but if you do buy them...be sure to get lots of cable and zip ties. Mine is already leaning on my fence and there's barely any weight. If it weren't for the zipties..it would be knocked over. I am thinking of buying a sandusky wire...
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    Nepenthes Grab Bag (Intermediate)

    1. Heliamwalnut 2. SerMuncherIV 3. rball 4. Goldtrap2690 5. nip 'n these 6. patrickntd 7.PiranhaPlant
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    Need Pollen!

    I have a N. ventricosa hot lips x ventricosa red male that just started blooming.
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    Nepenthes Pollen

    ]I am not sure if this forum or the trading post is more appropriate but I have some Nepenthes Pollen...particularly N. ventricosa hot lips x ventricosa red flower spike and currently about 1/4 of the flowers already opened up. This is my 1st flower so I was wondering what is the most way to...
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    Algae question

    I recently put most of my pots into a trough system as opposed to saucers but of course when it rains the trough fills up quickly which leads to the top of the plants being flooded. I know that most cps love being flooded but I have noticed some of my sundews being stunted in growth and I see...
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    Ethical Question About Shipping

    I remember a lonnnng time ago you sent me a 50 ml centrifuge tube of D. binata or some variant of D. binata. Haven't you done this in the past before just fine?
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    Looking for D. Capensis Red

    I don't think mine are flowering anytime soon ( I tend to cut down the flowers usually) but if you want I can place some leafs in a tube of water and wait until it has plantlets and we can perhaps do a trade?
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    Fresh Drosophyllum seed giveaway

    1) theplantman -- I think you'll remember our correspondence during my Drosophyllum seed germination experiment, which I greatly appreciated!! I got the plant not only to come up, but to look really great---except my stupid greenhouse collapsed in the wind! The plant dropped, pot shattered, and...
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    Dormancy question

    This question applies to my vft and Sarracenia since they both go dormant around the same time. I live in Miami so we don't have a true winter. The coldest it gets is maybe 50-60's. I know I have a long way to worry about Dormancy since it's just March but better to ask early. In the past I have...
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    what do you mean by still? Well the cool and dim part is not an issue since it's warm and bright now at least here in Florida. Damp? Well it is a sundew they do need to be wet. So far it hasn't spread anymore so I guess that's good.
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    I am not sure if it was gradually. Lately I don't check on my plants. I just check if they need water and I water them and just go back indoors but once in a while I like to admire the insects struggling on my sundews and that's when I noticed the mold or mold-like substance.
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    Yes I do keep all my plants in full/part sun. Maybe it is the damp winter but I live in Miami. It doesn't drop below 60 usually. I am getting a microscope though so I will def use a tweezer to get a sample. To plantman: I don't think it's a decomposer of peat. Isn't peat already the decomposed...
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    Today in one of my sundew pots I noticed what could be mold and in my 3 consecutive years of growing sundews I never had this problem. I did my usual google search and the answers were that it's caused by bad circulation...well my plants are out doors so that's not the case. The soil mixture is...
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    Flowers falling off my byblis

    I have a B.liniflora plant that when it flowers...the flower is only there for 2 or 3 days and the next day I see the flower on the floor. I am not sure if it a pest because the rest of the byblis is fine. Even the flower stalk has no damage. Is there any reason for a flower to just fall off...
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    Nepenthes lowii Seed Giveaway . . .

    1. mato - Thanks, senor 2. Heli - "Will work for lowii"! Really cool, thanks 3. That One Guy ~thanks. :-) 4. Exo - Thank ya kindly 5. Favian- gracias! 6. mass -many thanks! 7. Flasker - Thanks! 8. JB_orchidguy thanks for the offer!! 9. Eric- Thanks! 10. divaskid - thanks! 11. vbkid...thanks for...
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    Utricularia ID

    I have gotten all my seeds from ICPS and I haven't seen any super tiny black seeds. I broke a seed pod to see how Utricularia seeds look like and I definitely don't recall saying that. I bought my peat from home depot and for years I haven't had any random Utricularia sprouting till recently.
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    Utricularia ID

    I honestly do not even know if I have an utricularia but hey that's the whole point of a id thread. I took two photos from the plant and the flower stalk/seedpods. I do not know the flower color since I never seen it bloom.
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    Nepenthes grab-bag giveaway

    1. Favian Thnx Lance! 2. SgtSarracenia 3. Mcmcnair Thanks! 4. Ngantnier 5. Pineapple... Thanks! :3 6. Trettman 7. Aionios many thanks! 8. Captdonaldduc 9. Tony C 10. Ambanja 11. Flasker 12. carbonetc 13. EntHerptology 14. Api :3 15. mikewilder Thanks Lance 16. incspir - Thanks a lot! (fingers...