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  1. Clint

    Rehydrating desiccated Sarracenia

    Due to some circumstances outside of my control and some people's incompetence when taking instruction, I have about $500 in plants that dried out. I just got home and found them. I. am. livid. The person who let them dry out is a personal friend and friendship is always worth more than...
  2. Clint

    Old-timer just saying hi

    Anyone remember me? An old friend messaged me in the hopes that I was me and I surprisingly still get E-mail notifications. The last time I was here I had just graduated HS, and since then I have graduated college with a BS in Biology. I don't really grow CP's anymore, except for a few special...
  3. Clint

    Anyone know about replacing halogen with LED light?

    I want to replace a 60 watt halogen with an LED light. The light is par16 so I ordered a par16 LED light and thought it would fit, but the light fits in a regular light socket and is way too big for the halogen socket. I am out 25 bucks now and don't know what bulb I should have gotten. Can...
  4. Clint

    Aqua Design Amano Wabi-Kusa

    Hey guys, here is my Wabi-Kusa. The vase and light are ADA but I had to make the ball myself. A wabi-kusa is a ball of media wrapped in moss with plants growing on it, sat in a vase of water and they originated in Japan. The light is a Branch Light and is made just for this. It uses a...
  5. Clint

    Looking for Genlisea repens and Genlisea filiformis

    If you can help me out with finding these two species of Genlisea, please send me a PM. I would like to get them back since I lost my original ones.
  6. Clint

    What terrestrial Utrics can grow submersed under water, permanently?

    Hey guys, I was wondering what terrestrial Utricularia (or even Genlisea) can grow under water, permanently? I know that U. graminifolia can grow submersed permanently and it is now a popular aquarium plant! Can anyone give me any info on utrics that grow well under water? I am not looking for...
  7. Clint

    My planted tank. Please check out the pics and critique!

    I thought I'd show you guys my planted aquarium. I have put a lot of effort into it. I can grow the plants but I was told I lack philosophy.... so in other words I can mix paint very well but I don't know how to use it, I think that's a good analogy. I need different and larger rocks. This is...
  8. Clint

    Anyone ever had spinal surgery?

    Sooo... I'm facing spinal surgery. I have five disks that are in various states of herniation, bulging or compression. To compound that problem I had two mris done that found. Had congenital stenosis and my spinal column is half the width it should be. I have a lot of pain and numbness. The...
  9. Clint

    Want aldrovanda

    I'd like to get about three strands of Aldrovanda... Especially the red variety. Please PM me if you can help me out :) I'd like to grow it in a very high light, co2 injected aquarium. I remember I gave a lot away a few summers ago. Maybe someone will remember and return the good karma.
  10. Clint

    Looking for stuff for a planted aquarium

    I want to give planted aquariums ago and am looking for planted tank equipment like a canister filter, co2 equipment, glassware, substrate, etc. I've got spare various heliamphora because it's time to divide mine. Pm me fir details if you have spare stuff.
  11. Clint

    So.... Who got the iPad?

    I had to get up at five am but it was worth it to be fourth in a line. Like 200 people showed up before they opened. I got a 64 gig one and a 16 gig to resell. They had three mall cops at the door lol. I love love love this thing! My only two complaints are that there is No cover flow and the...
  12. Clint

    small N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae) for trade

    I purchased a plant and it had an extra basal that I'm trading. It's about... 3 or 4 inches across. It's producing it's second leaf form (truncate) and should produce peltate leaves relatively soon. Moderate grower as far as speed, but it's very easy and does great in lowland or highland...
  13. Clint

    Is anyone good at peer-reviewing Biology papers? I need some help lol.

    Hey guys. I wrote a ten page (double spaced) rough draft for my Plant Physiology class last night and submitted it for peer-review in my class. The class is writing intensive and this paper is a big deal for the class. The semester is halfway through and we're just now submitting the rough...
  14. Clint

    Adult H. heterodoxa x ionasii for trade

    I bought one of these and it has two adult growth points (7-8" tall) and making mature pitchers. Since I have two I was hoping to split one off and trade for another adult Heliamphora other than H. heterodoxa x minor. Just looking for easy species/hybrids. H. heterodoxa, H. minor, H. nutans, I'd...
  15. Clint

    50% of my Sarracenia died and I'd like to replace some. 'Red Dragon' for trade.

    Don't know why... I did the usual. Spray some fungicide and forget about them for the winter. I even lost my adult 'Leah Wilkerson' and 'Hurricane Creek White'. Naturally, all most all of the baby unknown hybrids made it. I guess I can trade those if you want quantity over quality.) Half of the...
  16. Clint

    I've got a Nova Extreme for trade, 4x24 watt T5HO!!!

    I've got an extra unit for trade. It holds 4 24 watt T5HO lamps. The reflector is contoured around each lamp. It needs a new fan, and there is no splash guard. That's all that's wrong with it. Included are 2 actinic lamps and 2 10,000K lamps. You'll need to replace the actinic. I have one...
  17. Clint

    NEED D. burmanii seed

    We have to make a video for my Plant Physiology class, and I think this would make an excellent video to demonstrate plant motion. This Drosera is very fast, and I figure I could also give some to my Professor to use in our lab since I'm growing all the other plants for our labs throughout the...
  18. Clint

    looking for D. paradoxa, D. madagascariensis, D. hartmeyerorum

    Hey, I'm looking for these three species. PM me.
  19. Clint

    Juvenile Cephalotus for trade! Want vivarium plants and common CP's. Great trade!

    Hey, all. I have several small Cephalotus. I've decided to try a naturalistic terrarium with a lot of epiphytes, a wood/foam back wall, orchids, tillandsia and small bromeliads. Of course I'll still have CP's, but I'll be sticking to Drosera, a few small Nepenthes, Pinguicula and Utricularia...
  20. Clint

    Two 24" 24 watt T5HO 460 nm Actinic lights for trade

    I'm getting this: http://www.marinedepot.com/24_inch_Current_USA_Nova_Extreme_4x24W_T5HO_24_Inch_T5_Fluorescent_Light_Fixtures-Current_USA-CU01120-FILTFIT54U-CU01120-vi.html and can't use the actinic lights that come with it for plants, so I'm going to have to replace them with ones I can use...