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  1. bellsprout

    Show your N. rajah

    Hi all, a very popular species but not too many people seem to be growing it succesfully. There is a giant holdback to try this plant because of many negative threads about rajahs dying and being too picky, but those threads are too old to be still relevant I hope. Some people seem to have grown...
  2. bellsprout

    What after germination?

    Hi all, me again with a question for seed growers, especially Nepenthes attenboroughii seed. I'm a beginner and tried my first Nep seeds: I bought some (probably old) Nepenthes seeds online and sowed them the 13th of september. Only the attenboroughii germinated (october 15th), now 8 plants...
  3. bellsprout

    some questions on arrivals

    Edit: problems solved, see post below Hi all, I recently did an order and now I have some questions. I ordered six plants (5neps and 1 sarr psittacina). 2 of them arrived well but the other 4 were replaced by 6 replacement plants. Normally it's a good deal, but the sarr was a hybrid (unnamed)...
  4. bellsprout

    question on the most beautifull nepenthes

    Hi all, I recently joined the forum and i have some questions so here is one: To me, the Queen of Hearts nepenthes (black truncata or robcantleyi, you all know) is the most beautifull nep i've ever seen! I know you can buy N. robcantleyi but mostly there is much King of Spades in it. You...
  5. bellsprout

    Bellsprouts grow list

    All grown as windowsill plants, outside in the summer. -Dionaea: two different plants, both no ID. One huge green, one small with red in the traps, but the color is gone now. ‘wacky traps’, ‘bohemian garnet’, ‘red dragon’, ‘louchapates’ ‘shark teeth’ -Drosera: anglica rotundifolia (I...
  6. bellsprout

    Hi from Belgium

    Hi all, this is my first post ever on a forum :) So i'm a student from Belgium and I keep some plants in our house for several years. In spring 2013 i bought my first cp (i was always interested in them but i thought they were impossible to keep) It was a nepenthes (ventrata i think) from a...