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    Max's Travels

    Great photos. Glad the rare Darlingtonia continues to flourish along accessible hiking trails where we can enjoy seeing them.
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    Random pics

    >D. brevifolia "white flower" by Hawken Carlton On the fence about if this is actually what it's supposed to be... That’s surely D. brevifolia. I have same form from Hampstead NC. What else do you think it could be, burkeana? >Updating some website files for South American species, so took...
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    D. rotundifolia cutting - dormancy or not?

    Beautiful plant, congrats. Your photo clearly shows the plant is already beginning to form a bud. It would be best to keep it inside and let it develop further. My photos for comparison: Green plant in active growth and reddening plant with bud forming.
  4. Drot active growth.JPG

    Drot active growth.JPG

  5. Drot bud forming.JPG

    Drot bud forming.JPG

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    Is this root rot?

    Evil spirits maybe? Just kidding. I get problems with fungi on my sundews too, in high humidity. D. spatulata variants are most sensitive. My D. capillaris are more tolerant.
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    Parasitic Plant

    Good eye Mark. That one length I took to grow was yellow-green, because it was shaded. Sadly it failed to attach to the host, but I got a few seed for another try.
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    Parasitic Plant

    @Tanukimo, I wish you luck finding some you can reach. I saw more Dodder, AKA Vampire Plant, along a trail side; A patch sapping the life out of poison oak. Imagine the fun we could have creating such fascinating vampire gardens around our neighborhoods. As a test grow experiment I wreathed a...
  9. dodder2.JPG


  10. Dodder 7.25.22.JPG

    Dodder 7.25.22.JPG

  11. dodder.JPG


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    Parasitic Plant

    Thanks @Tanukimo Spotted more growing in a roadway center divider on California Buckwheat. I am notifying the Conservancy of this occurrence in hope of helping relocate it. I’ve watched some great Youtube vids about this strange plant. Wish I had a more suitable growing space for it myself.
  13. Dodder RPV 6.20.22b.JPG

    Dodder RPV 6.20.22b.JPG

  14. Dodder RPV 6.20.22a.JPG

    Dodder RPV 6.20.22a.JPG

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    Red sphagnum - really strange and/or interesting

    Here is mine. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not really blood. Naturally colored, believe it or not. Sphagnum rubellum from Oregon.
  16. red Sphagnum 6.7.22.JPG

    red Sphagnum 6.7.22.JPG

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    Parasitic Plant

    Photoed this one yesterday: Dodder on iceplant. Might be fun to put it on a houseplant. But not on one of my prized CPs.
  18. dodder.JPG


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    D. capillaris breeding

    Thanks @hcarlton. A polyploid D. capillaris complex which includes hybrids with intermedia and maybe even spatulata? Right, capillaris is surely just a single extremely variable and adaptable species with varying forms for occupying differing niches. While visiting the Florida Panhandle I...
  20. D.cap.TylerCo.Texas 5.23.22.JPG

    D.cap.TylerCo.Texas 5.23.22.JPG