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    Pinguicula macrophylla (mikewilder $30)

    received, thank you!
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    Job opening for Sarracenia grower

    The Carnivorous Plantation in southern Alabama has an opening for a grower/operations manager. Compensation is competetive salary and free use of 1 bedroom apartment on site. The candidate will be responsible for greenhouse and field growth of Sarracenia and Nepenthes. Tissue culture experience...
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    Glanduligera hybrids

    Brittnacher reports 22 chromosomes in glanduligera, 20 in filiformis, different ploidies, the two are very distantly related and glanduligera is an annual, I think the odds are against it but there's only one way to find out for sure. http://www.carnivorousplants.org/cp/DroseraChromosomes.php
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    Favi's Heli Thread

    Looking good Favian!! Congrats on finishing your classes. Ps3isawesome: I can't tell if you are really asking or not, but my opinion is that so many observations are consistent with the hypothesis's predictions, it cannot be rejected. Perhaps this is needless and unwanted, if so I apologize. (I...
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    H. 'Margarita' (Tincher) ?

    mato and cindy, some characters for distinguishing Heliamphora taxa are: hairs: presence, absence, size, type, density, location anthers: number, size spoon: presence, absence, size, attachment (this last is a newer focus) bracts: length Here are some old keys based on relatively old concepts...
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    adnedarn's reef tank....build and progress

    ugh sorry, what's the embarrassment emoticon? do you just type mw? In any case I'm glad your reef is coming along Gary. I've never kept clowns or anemones, I was just curious. And yes, actually the "Gary" was a joke. Sorry about that Andrew, wrong forum, wrong day, wrong brain--
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    H. 'Margarita' (Tincher) ?

    very interesting, this is parva x folliculata?
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    adnedarn's reef tank....build and progress

    lookin good Travis, are you going to add an anemone?
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    LED spectral research

    I did find this philips horticulture catalog with a bunch of case studies, but they are unfortunately short on details: http://www.lighting.philips.com/pwc_li/main/shared/assets/downloads/pdf/horticulture/leaflets/general-booklet-philips-led-lighting-in-horticulture-NAM.pdf On page 19 a tulip...
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    LED spectral research

    > I suspect the Phillips unit might be worth a try on a small scale. I think it's definitely worth a try, a warranty and plug and play make it very attractive over diy. I'm really interested to see how many sq feet of plants it will illuminate. It would be awesome if 2 or 3 per shelf would do...
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    LED spectral research

    55$ to try is not bad at all. It seems like their brochure, and the daylength extension study are focused on a slightly different question (convincing a greenhouse plant that it's still daytime) than just providing all of the light for indoor cultivated plants. It's still confusing for me...
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    LED spectral research

    These are very interesting papers Butch, thanks. One thing I wonder, that you probably know, is whether "white" leds still typically rely on a blue emitter and a yellow phosphor. I have no idea whether this is still the typical way to generate white appearing light, nor whether the low red...
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    N. Rafflesiana for trade

    Hello Eric, Full mailbox :) I'm interested in that rafflesiana. I can trade any of the following: spathulata, St. Hedwig, vietchii x maxima, Fancy Fish, N Regan (spathulata x vietchii), Chastity. If you don't like any of these I'll look around and see what else I've got, these are all roughly...
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    1. Cthulhu138 - Thanks Kinjie 2. Clue -- thanks! 3. Axelrod12 - Thanks! 4. Minch108 Thank You! 5. M Jacobs - wow very generous! good luck to the winner and thank you for the chance ! 6. Pebes- Thank you! no whammies! 7. Ambanja - Thanks! 8. hcarlton-either one is more than worth the shot! 9...
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    Heliamphora sp. "Yuruani B" ?

    I believe Rob Cantley has these in tc and was/is selling them to his distributors. I grow it, it seems to be a nutans. Edit: my first sentence is correct, but ultimate source was "germany in tissue culture", scroll to the bottom of this old be catalog...
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    Favi's Heli Thread

    Hello Shortbus, well, fair enough, I apologize for offending you. On my reading, the conversation had already shifted from what lights can work, to what color one should demand from their plants. So once we are talking about lighting and what color one should demand, to me it seems relevant to...