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  1. Rachel8T4

    EEEK HELP!!! My Tissue Culture got too Hot!!!

    I planted out My Giant Clam and Triton tissue cultures a couple of weeks ago, and have been slowly acclimatising them by gradually opening up their zip lock bags. They have been sitting in the same location on my kitchen bench since I first received them in their little vials, months back...
  2. Rachel8T4

    Rachel8T4's Growlist & Wishlist

    Here's my little CP Growlist that just keeps on growing :D All of my plants are currently kept outside in natural sunlight. Geraldton, Western Australia. TC = Tissue Culture Growlist Dionaea muscipula Typical Bunnings Paradisia Triffid Park Big Mouth Triffid Park Big Vigorous Triffid Park...
  3. Rachel8T4

    Lots of New Flytraps to Love!

    Yesterday I finally received my online order of CPs, which was super exciting since there is not much available locally. I did a joint order with my Aunty and also purchased a few plants for my Nana who is super keen to make a mini bog garden of her own. Waiting for Australia post really does...
  4. Rachel8T4

    Is this a Weed?

    Hey everyone! I've had this little plant sprout up in my mini bog garden. I'm assuming it's just a weed or grass of some sort, but I wanted to make sure before I pulled it out :lol: Is anyone able to confirm?
  5. Rachel8T4

    My Mini Bog Garden

    Hi everyone! First time trying to post pics on here, so hopefully I do it right :-D I created a miniature bog garden for my little CP collection a bit over a month ago and so far it seems to be going really well! I love checking it every morning to see what it has captured out on my balcony. I...
  6. Rachel8T4

    Hello from Western Australia!

    Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I live in Geraldton, Western Australia (about 5hrs drive from Perth) :-D I'm quite new to growing CP's but am completely fascinated by them. I am also VERY new to forums and have just joined, so please bear with me while I figure out what I'm doing lol. Glad...