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    Job opening for Sarracenia grower

    The Carnivorous Plantation in southern Alabama has an opening for a grower/operations manager. Compensation is competetive salary and free use of 1 bedroom apartment on site. The candidate will be responsible for greenhouse and field growth of Sarracenia and Nepenthes. Tissue culture experience...
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    trying my new camera Heliamphora

    Hello, the recent tornadoes and heavy rainfall (12 inches in less than 12 hours) reminded me its time to try my new camera before a disaster takes my plants away. Anyway here are some pictures of different exappendiculata clones, ciliata, chimantensis, neblinae, and ceracea. (Check out the...
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    sterilize, sow, stoke: pulchella hybrids

    I'm stoked today because two of my pulchella hybrids have germinated recently: collina x pulchella and [heterodoxa x ionasi] x pulchella. In huberi x pulchella, the father's bristles came through nicely. So I'm really hopeful that I can get the orange color, size, and form from HxI plus the...
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    Utricularia quelchii and jitka starter (boxofrain $27)

    Hello, you are bidding on this pot that has starters of U. 'Jitka' and U. quelchii. I started this pot well before xmas, I know it's not very leafy but it should have some good subterranean growth. Starting bid is $8, buyer to pay me $6 for shipping, can't ship to Hawaii, thanks--...
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    Utricularia humboldtii starter (Lil Stinkpot $20)

    Hello, you are bidding on this starter of U. humboldtii. You'll get the leaf and all that growth on the tray wrapped in lfs, just add water. Bidding starts at $8, buyer to pay me 6$ for shipping, can't ship to Hawaii, thanks. https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3697/13632443595_566449d9b7.jpg
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    Handful of Eriocaulon sp Bog buttons Sarracenia bog companion - SubRosa $20

    Hello, you are bidding on these Eriocaulon sp plants, I'm not sure which species from Baldwin County AL but compressum is a good guess. You can see the one plant that is already flowering this year, the other pot has a bunch of last year's flowers, but the plants have new green growth. You'll...
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    Handful of Xyris sp Yelloweyed grass Sarracenia bog companion (Rhizomatous $6)

    Hello, you are bidding on all of these Xyris plants, I'll include more if I can fit them in the box. This population is from Baldwin County, Al, I'm not sure which species. Grow with/like Sarracenia, they are very easy. Will tolerate frost but may be unsuitable for Northern winters. Minimum bid...
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    Lilium catesbaei Baldwin County, AL rare seedgrown Sarracenia companion - SubRosa $40

    Hello, you are bidding on one 1 year old plant of L. catesbaei, captive propagated from a Baldwin County Alabama population. Grow in a Sarracenia mix, treat the same but fertilize more heavily, will tolerate frost but probably needs protection below 20 F. Plant will be very similar to the one...
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    Heliamphora for trade

    Hello, I have a few nice plants available for trade, looking for other adult Heliamphora, especially exappendiculata from Chimanta with adult pitchers. Please pm me if interested: chimantensis blooming size pulchella Amuri blooming size exappendiculata Apacapa tepui small adult pitchers...
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    seeking Heliamphora pollen will split seeds or put them in vitro for you

    My tatei Cerro Duida is in bud again. Selfing this one does not yield viable seed. I'm looking for tatei pollen from another location, pulchella pollen, neblinae pollen or something else beautiful. I also have folliculata Murosipan in bud, could use folliculata pollen from a different location...
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    Happy Halloween Heliamphora

    sorry can't figure out how to delete this duplicate
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    Happy Halloween Heliamphora :spidersmile:

    I am excited because I moved some spring seedlings onto multiplication medium today: Tim Krug's [glabra x nutans] x xTequila, pulchella Chimanta x [glabra x nutans], nutans x pulchella Akopan, Michael Hardwick's heterodoxa, and my pulchella Akopan, tatei Cerro Duida x [arenicola x ionasii], and...
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    Heliamphora for trade

    Hello, anyone have an exappendiculata from Chimanta tepui with adult pitchers for trade? This is the only location that I can't get to grow up. I have a very well established 6" tall purpurascens, 6" glabra x nutans, 5" xTequila, many others available for trade. Also interested in folliculatas...
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    (veitchii xx tiveyii) x truncata seeking pollen asap

    Hello, anybody have interesting lowland pollen they could send asap? This one surprised me with flowers and all I have at the moment is x rokko pollen, which doesn't thrill me. I'd even prefer ventricosa pollen to the rokko. Will split seeds. Thanks--
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    viking and viking x rafflesiana in search of attractive females

    Hello, both of these just started opening their first flowers. The viking is a red be clone. The viking x rafflesiana was bred by Manny Herrera; it has beautiful cream pitchers with red stripey peristomes. This is someone else's plant but it is very similar: Anyway, if you've got female(s) in...
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    tank and test tube solar babies: Heliamphora updates

    I'm trying to step into the early oughts and see if I can profitably use Flickr. [edit: sigh, not really. The links work at least.]Here is some happiness from my garden and lab: H. purpurascens http://www.flickr.com/photos/51764444@N03/9314666283/ H. parva...
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    seeking Genlisea other than hispidula

    Hello, The lowland Nepenthes house needs variety, so I'm seeking any Genlisea besides hispidula. Can offer juvenile H. minor or nutans, D. hamiltonii, binata, admirabilis, kaieteurensis, small D. capensis "Bob Ziemer's super wide leaf", small U. alpina x endressii, juvenile cephalotus. In the...
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    Bob Hanrahan R.I.P.

    Hello, I'm very sorry to notify Bob's many friends and colleagues in the CP community that he passed away a few days ago, after a long illness. He was perhaps best known for discovering S. x 'Adrian Slack', describing S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii f. luteola, breeding S. x 'Scarlet Belle'...
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    Wanted: S. x Mitchelliana seed

    Hello, yes I know it's late in the year, but I'm looking for S. x Mitchelliana seed. (F1 ideally, though I'd still be interested in mitch x mitch). If you have some please get in touch, I have something you want. Thanks--
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    Free for one random NASC auction donor: juvenile Heliamphora minor or nutans

    Hello, I'm really impressed by the many excellent items donated to the auction this year. If you donated any item to the NASC auction, you can enter this giveaway for one H. minor or H. nutans, winner's choice. (Buying stuff in the auction is important of course, but buyers already get a plant...